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Say thank you to Bonaire’s nature rangers on World Ranger Day!

Today is World Ranger Day when we celebrate all the good works of the park rangers worldwide, and also commemorate rangers killed or injured while protecting their country’s nature.

With global nature facing never-before-known pressures, destruction of the environment is taking place daily.  Many flora and fauna species have disappeared over the years, climate change is menacing, and there are crimes against nature on a daily basis.

Bonaire’s rangers work within the Bonaire National Marine Park and Washington-Slagbaai National Park.  They do their utmost to defend our island’s nature now and for the future, and sometimes their actions are not popular.  Even so, their work is extremely important.

On this day recognizing the efforts of rangers around the world, be sure to express your gratitude to Bonaire’s rangers the next time you meet one while diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, or enjoying a day in Washington Park.

(Source:  STINAPA)

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Susan Davis, Bonaire InsiderSusan Davis has been living on Bonaire for over 25 years. She is a PADI Master Instructor, and an underwater and topside photographer. She also enjoys writing for The Bonaire Insider tourism news blog. 



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