Windsurfing on Bonaire–One of the Best Places in the World!

General Information About Windsurfing on Bonaire

Windsurfers could not ask for a better spot than Lac Bay on the east coast of Bonaire. What has made the area so popular is the 90% chance of favorable winds and the 100% assurance of a sheltered, shallow bay to challenge the experts to sail and entice the novice into learning this fast-paced sport. While not all windsurfing activity takes place at Lac, that is where the surf shops are located and is where most people tend to congregate.

We have a special section called sponsored by several properties and windsurf shops dedicated to bringing great windsurfing to Bonaire’s visitors. Info includes wind speed, air/sea temperatures, places to stay, and where to rent gear.

Planning for the Right Beach- and Surf-Wear

InfoBonaire also offers a page providing tips on how to choose just the right beach- and surf-wear, as well as a listing of island sources for great, comfortable clothing, or an online source for those who prefer to purchase their surf-wear prior to arrival on Bonaire.

Lac Bay is the Location for Windsurfing

Lac bay, protected by the Bonaire Marine Park rules and regulations, has the most beautiful turquoise water and balmy breezes. It is approximately 8 square kilometers and free from boat traffic. There is plenty of room to let loose and enjoy the feel of the board slicing through the calm waters at Lac.

Beginners can start to learn the sport in knee deep water allowing for easy recovery from falls while the bay’s protective barrier reef lets them gain confidence on the calmest of waters. More experienced sailors can venture out into the more challenging blue-green swells where there is still some protection from large waves. It is here that the wind kicks up a few clicks and the thrills of the sport are realized. The even more experienced and adventurous can sail Lac Bay’s outer edges where the mast high swells and strong winds guarantee sailing conditions that are world class.

Lac Bay is one of the most beautiful spots on Bonaire and for that matter, in the Caribbean. Since it has come under the protection of the Bonaire Marine Park, it has been designated as a recreation area for Bonaireans and visitors to enjoy. There will be no building of additional hotels and Lac Bay Resort and Sorobon Beach Resort will remain the area’s only developments.

Windsurf Shops

The two windsurf shops, Jibe City and The Place, managed by Elvis Martinus, are located right on the edge of the bay itself. They rent top quality equipment and offer all levels of instruction. Some of the resorts also offer windsurfing to guests.

Wind Conditions

There are two distinct windsurfing seasons on Bonaire. The higher winds prevail generally from the middle of December through August. September until December 15th is light wind season, however it is during this period that the island celebrates Regatta Week every October during which there are sailboat and windsurfing races. Bonaire also hosts professional surf-sailing contests during the windy season.

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Bonaire Windsurf Place

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Jibe City



Bonaire National Marine Park User Fee For Windsurfers

It is necessary for all who use the waters of the Bonaire National Marine Park to pay a Nature Fee of $10.00 per year ($25.00 for scuba divers). At the time of payment, you will receive a specially designed tag indicating your support for nature preservation and a receipt. If purchasing the $25.00 dive tag, keep both the tag and the receipt, as they will also provide you with complimentary admission to Washington-Slagbaai National Park throughout the year your tag is valid. Tags are available at all dive operations, hotels, resorts, windsurfing operations, sport fishing charter boats, sail/snorkel/water taxi operations, marinas, and other water sports operations on Bonaire.


For information on dialing a Bonaire phone number from off-island, see the Telephone page.