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Visitor Comments about Birding on Bonaire

If you have been birding on Bonaire, please tell us how you liked it!

  • How many species did you identify?
  • How many life birds did you find?
  • And if you found something truly rare, please log it in.

Just fill out the comment section below with any feedback from your birdwatching excursion on Bonaire.


  1. If your serious about birding on Bonaire, a local birding guide is a must. Elsmarie Beukenboom is just that person. She is not only an expert birder, but her knowledge of animal life, plant life, history and culture made our time together tremendously rewarding. Two weeks ago (Sept. 2017), I birded two mornings with Elsmarie. In our time together she showed me most of the best birding sites on the Island and we checked off most of my target birds. After our outings she showed me other places on the map I could go on my own to perhaps find birds we missed. In my two weeks in Bonaire, I saw 70 species of birds in which 11 were life birds. I could not have done that without Elsmarie! I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to maximize their birding time on Bonaire!

    • I had two great days of Birding with Elsmarie Beukenboom. We saw 41 species, of which 11 were new to me. She showed me birding hotspots, got access to places I could have visited, and was knowledgeable and informative. Even better, she was hugely informed about Bonaire’s history and natural environment. My daughter and I learned so much as she drove us around the island. I couldn’t be more enthusiastic about how helpful she was. Perhaps best of all, I visited some stops on our tour by myself the next day and picked up two more life birds!

  2. My husband and I also went birdwatching with Elsmarie.
    She is a very nice lady with knowledge about the birds, the best spots, the people and the island.

    We did a 4- hour tour at the north of the island ( except the NP) and saw many birds (around 30 species). Elsmarie was able to addapt her knowledge on our level of birdwatching, we are beginners.

    It is not a cheap excursion but worthwhile. One of our highlights of our holiday. If you plan it in the beginning of your holiday, you can benifit from it during the rest of your stay.

  3. Our group; CAREFREE BIRDING, came off the Celebrity Reflection to bird Bonaire. We were greeted by Elsmarie Beukenboom and Susan Davis. They took us around Bonaire for a great Birding experience. Not only the knowledge of Elsmarie and Susan about the birds, but the information they gave us on the history of Bonaire was greatly appreciated. Thank you Susan and Elsmarie; we will be back with another group in 2019! Ken & Linda


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