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Aerial view of Bonaire's northern tip, taken during a flightseeing tour.
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Get a Bird’s Eye View of Bonaire with BonAeroClub’s Flying Tours

All visitors to Bonaire, either consciously or unconsciously, see the variety of Bonaire’s avians soaring over the land or sea.  Have you ever wondered what Bonaire looks like to them?  Now you can find out with BonAeroClub.

Sightseeing flights or flying lessons.

BonAeroClub has been in existence now for a number of years, and they offer sightseeing flights and flying lessons as well.  On a one-hour sightseeing flight, one can experience that bird’s eye view of nearly all of Bonaire.

Spelonk Lighthouse, on Bonaire's eastern coastline.
One of Bonaire's marinas, from the air.
Kralendijk's anchorage.
Lac Bay, Bonaire.

There are some restricted areas over which they cannot fly, but generally, most of Bonaire can be viewed from the sky.  It’s a great photo-safari trip, offering stunning views of Bonaire’s lighthouses, Lac Bay, the southern salt pans, and of course, Washington Slagbaai National Park.  Bonaire’s leeward coast offers great views of everyone enjoying their visits–at resorts, private homes and apartments, and of course, Bonaire’s water sports.

The plane is a four-seater, so up to three persons can make the flight.  One sits next to the pilot, and two can fit in the rear seat.  The plane is well set up to make viewing and photographing easy, but a telephoto zoom lens is recommended.

For those that really want to do the extreme, arrange for a flying lesson with one of the club’s patient instructors, who have lots of experience in teaching flying.  In your first lesson, you can even take off on your own, although the pilot does recommend that he lands the plane until you have a bit more experience!

For those who have extensively visited Bonaire, BonAeroClub provides a thrilling way to do something new!  It’s a fabulous gift for someone who will be visiting soon.  For more information, call +599 786-2437, and ask for Wietze Koopman.

Bonaire's pink lakes, the salt pans, at Cargill.
Bonaire's Salt Pier.
Bonaire's pink lakes, the salt pans, as seen from the east.
Lac Cai, Bonaire.

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