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20160128-BlondIt’s been nearly a year since Bonaire Blond, Bonaire’s own signature beer, was first introduced, and so there’s an anniversary celebration, and three new signature Bonaire beers are coming to the party!

Just arriving on Bonaire now, the newly created Bonaire Blond Tropical line includes three light and fruity beers, perfectly blended for Bonaire’s tropical days and nights.

The first of the Tropical Beers is already on island and available at select eateries, and this one highlights cantaloupe melon and lime, both great refreshing flavors.  Arriving soon from the brewery in Holland are the brand new Passionfruit & Coconut and Mango & Carambola, also exciting blends.  All the Tropical line of beers have an alcohol content of 2.5%, and include blends of ingredients commonly found on Bonaire, including aloe vera from Bonaire’s own Onima Aloe Plantation.


Even the labels are literally works of art as they showcase the paintings of resident artist, Fred van den Broek, and the color schemes were chosen to reflect the tropical ingredients included in each flavor.

Those who enjoy trying different beers will soon have four beers–the original Bonaire Blond, plus the three new Bonaire Blond Tropicals–to enjoy when on the island.  These are the quintessential beers for kicking back on the beach with your toes in the sand.

The new Bonaire Blond Tropical beers can be taste-tasted and enjoyed at these select restaurants and bars:

  • At Sea,
  • The Beach Hut,
  • Bistro de Paris,
  • Boudoir,
  • Buddy Dive Resort,
  • Divi Flamingo Beach Resort & Casino,
  • Jibe City (The Hang Out Beach Bar),
  • Joe’s Grill House,
  • La Cantina,
  • Lac Baai,
  • Little Havana


Try them out and then comment below to let us know how you like them!

(Source:  Bonaire Insider Reporter)

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