Flamingo Nests Discovered in Washington Park Salt Marshes

STINAPA staff recently discovered flamingo nests and chicks during monitoring efforts for the Caribbean Waterbird Census.

During the past few weeks, STINAPA staff have participated in an international Caribbean survey (Caribbean Waterbird Census) on waterfowl, done in collaboration with Birds Caribbean. Although STINAPA does regular surveys of waterfowl specifically in the salt marshes of Washington Park, these monitoring sessions were additional counts to officially assess Bonaire’s waterfowl for the census.

During bird counts that took place in late January and early February, new discoveries were made.  Flamingos are back in large numbers at Gotomeer, where 1587 were counted.  Flamingo nests and chicks were also discovered in one of the salt marshes of Washington Park.  Until this was discovered, it was believed that flamingos were only building nests at Pekelmeer.  STINAPA will continue to monitor the nests and chicks at the new location.

STINAPA requests that everyone observing the flamingos stay a suitable distance and do not approach them.  Flamingos can frighten easily and they might not return to an area once disturbed. (Source:  STINAPA)

Bonaire is in Full Karnaval Swing!

The island got off to a very good Karnaval feeling this past weekend when the youth of Bonaire strutted their stuff during the Children’s Karnaval Parade.

The party will continue this coming weekend when the adults get their turn, with a parade in Rincon on Saturday and in Kralendijk on Sunday afternoon.  For the Sunday parade, there is a new route, which will begin at van den Tweel Supermarket, and then move down Kaya Nikiboko Suit towards the Catholic Church, turning at Kaya Caracas, and then onto Kaya Libertador Simon Bolivar toward the offices of Tourism Corporation Bonaire.  There, the parade will swing around back south on J. A. Abraham Boulevard, turning left past the stadium on Kaya Gilberto Betico Croes, and finally back on Kaya Nikiboko Suit back to the supermarket.  This is a long route, and so there will be ample opportunities for great images of the participants!

Visitors should remember that Karnaval Monday, February 16, 2015, is a legal holiday and many establishments will be closed.

The season will come to an end on Tuesday evening, February 17, 2015, when the parade will trace the same route once again in the evening, culminating at the stadium with the burning of King Momo!

Be sure to enjoy these fantastic opportunities!  (Source:  Bonaire Insider Reporter)

Youth Karnaval Parades Take Place This Weekend, February 7th and 8th, 2015

This weekend will host the Youth Karnaval Parade, as Bonaire is nearing the end of its Karnaval time.  Saturday will find the parade in Rincon, and Sunday it is in Kralendijk.

20150206-KarnivalThe island’s children and teens are transformed into colorfully festooned cherubs with large smiles and eyes filled with wonderment!  The Youth Karnaval Parade is always a great oppotunity to take excellent images, as the crowds are less than during the Grand Karnaval Parade the next weekend.

So be sure to be in Rincon or Kralendijk during the later afternoons this weekend to enjoy this annual event!  (Source:  Bonaire Insider Reporter)

Yoga Bonaire Announces New Services

Yoga Bonaire is the very popular provider of yoga practices on Bonaire, and they have recently announced a new structure to their services.  Desiree Seaver, a certified yoga instructor, now offers private or semi-private yoga or meditation sessions.

These yoga sessions are personalized in Yin/Restorative/Hatha Vinyasa Flow. Private Yoga is an invaluable tool for students of all levels and experience. Together with you, they can deepen your practice, connecting breath, body, mind and spirit, answer questions as well as create a home practice for you.

Another new service is hand-crafted mala beads with pieces of ocean treasures found on Bonaire’s shoreline.  Mala beads are commonly used during meditation sessions and usually are made up of 108 beads, used for keeping count while reciting, chanting, or mentally repeating a mantra.  Desiree makes each strand of beads with unique beads of wood, stone, or even seeds, coupled with true Bonairean gems.

Yoga BonaireFor those who would like to try out yoga, this Sunday, February 8th, will present a unique opportunity, when Desiree, along with husband, Don, and son, Rik, will offer a family yoga session on the beach at Te Amo at 8:00 AM.  Those wishing to participate should bring their own yoga mat or large beach towel, drinks, or food.  All ages and stages are welcome!

To learn more about what Yoga Bonaire offers, visit their website by clicking here(Source:  Yoga Bonaire)

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