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Snorkel Sites–Bonaire’s accessible shore diving applies to snorkelers as well.

Many of our dive sites have great snorkeling too. Below is a quick description of some of these sites on Bonaire and Klein Bonaire with the snorkeler in mind. Look at the Bonaire Dive and Snorkel Map to see where the sites mention below are located.

Sites on Bonaire

Site #7 Karpata

Easy entry along the old concrete pier for both divers and snorkelers. Clear water, even in the shallows here and beautiful elkhorn coral formations are a must-see to your right after entering. Large variety of fish representative of Bonaire’s diversity is to be seen here, and many report turtles sighted frequently.

Site #20 Oil Slick Leap

An interesting system of open caves along the shallow awaits snorkelers. Entrance is made my climbing down a metal ladder. Since the area borders an ironstone shore with no sandy beach area, the visibility is above average. The shallows boast good growths of gorgonians with large numbers of flamingo tongues clinging to the branches.

Site #28 Front Porch

Entering Eden Beach and taking the right hand turn into the parking lot of the Coco Beach (previously known as Sunset Beach) accesses this site, or enter at the north next to Den Laman Condominiums, where there is additional parking. The access is quite easy and by either traveling either north or south, you will encounter a large variety of fish. This is one of the sites of beginners to get their fins wet.

Site #29 Something Special

A good drift snorkel going north towards Sand Dollar. Snorkelers have identified 75 to 80 species of fish on one trip. Be sure to enter on the Kralendijk side of the marina and check out the huge fill-rocks along the side of the open pagoda across the marina entrance from Balandra Restaurant at Harbour Village. To access from shore, take the dirt road just prior to the Marina heading North. Follow it to the waters edge.

Site #33 Windsock

An easy entry for beginners with lots of Elkhorn and fire corals that pierce the surface and serve as hiding places for a multitude of fish. The best snorkeling is to enter at the north end of the beach and head toward Plaza Resort. Located just south of the airport near the start of the runway, hence its name. It can be reached either from shore or a boat. Occasional rays and turtles. (#33 on map).

Unmarked Sorobon Reef

(near #59): The shallows will reward snorkelers with view of countless juveniles as well as a multitude of colorful adults. It lies inside of the flinging reef, which protects the entire windsurfing bay at Lac. Driving along the fence before reaching Sorobon Beach Resort makes entry. You need to cross the knee-deep water to reach the snorkeling area. If one heads towards the swimmers platform and then straight out toward the exposed elk-horn coral, a well formed reef system will reward you. The area is rich with fish life as well as large patches of elk-horn and other coral species. Special Note: If local conditions are not favorable, ie: high winds or large waves, this site is for strong swimmers only.

Klein Bonaire Sites

Site #I Rock Pile

Boat or kayak accessable and has an extensive shelf of gorgonians swaying back and forth and beautiful isolated boulder star coral and huge, isolated brain coral heads. Shallows has beautiful white sand as do most sites on the south of Klein.

Site #K Captain Don’s Reef and Site #L South Bay

Accessable by boat. Both of these sites are tucked into a bay on the south side of Klein. Lots of sugar sand in the shallows and extensive gorgonian forests cover the shallow sandy areas with beautiful coral formations out a little deeper.

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