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The right beachwear will help you enjoy your Bonaire vacation.
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Top Tips for Choosing the Right Beach- and Surf-wear

Beach and water sports have never been so popular as they are today. The variety of sports and activities available is forever expanding and now stretches far beyond classics like swimming, surfing, and volleyball. Improved facilities mean activities are now safe for the whole family, and outdoor activities on the beach or water are a great way of staying fit while having fun.

Windsurfing on Bonaire.

Windsurfing has long been a popular sport on Bonaire, which is home to several of the world’s top windsurfers. The island’s trade winds provide perfect, steady conditions for flat-water sailing in beautiful Lac Bay, where shallow waters and a clear sandy bottom provide an excellent environment for beginners, too.

Kitesurfing on Bonaire.

Kiteboarding is a fast-growing sport on Bonaire. The island’s windy and more choppy conditions on the west coast are perfect for hitting high speeds and for tricks and jumps. This sport joins windsurfing and water skiing as one of the most popular water sports in the Caribbean, Europe, and North America.

SCUBA Diving and Snorkeling.

SCUBA diving and snorkeling are two of the most favorite activities on Bonaire. World-famous reefs teeming with marine life, incredible visibility, and easy shore access and daily boat dives combine to make Bonaire an incredible underwater experience.

When going on an active holiday, do be sure to give consideration to the type of gear required for the activity. For diving and snorkeling, a wetsuit that fits properly makes all the difference. One that is also well suited to Bonaire’s tropical climate will ensure comfort and ease of movement.

Surf- and Beach-wear, Flip-flops, Caps, and Shorts.

Off the waves, it’s still important to have the right gear. There are many sources of surf- and beach-wear which a large selection of board shorts, sandals, and flip-flops for comfort and style. Keep the sun off on hot days with a cap, and be sure to shield the eyes with some sunglasses. It may sound obvious, but ensure gear is waterproof. This doesn’t have to be expensive. High-performance watches are available from Freestyle, for example, for a little over $40.

Loose-fitting is cooler for Bonaire’s warm climate.

Also be sure the gear is suited to the climate. Well chosen clothing and accessories make all the difference: a loose fitting, laid-back style, but with a nod to functionality, is the order of the day. Waterproof, lightweight clothing is ideal.

There are a variety of stores on Bonaire selling the most popular brands of surf- and beach-wear (see listings below).

Surf- and Beach-wear Shops

Bonaire Windsurf Place
+599 717-2288
Dive Friends @ Dive Retail Outlet
+599 717-3911
More Information

More Information

Jibe City
+599 717-5233
+599 795-4207
Outlet Mol
+599 786-4445

For information on dialing a Bonaire phone number from off-island, see the Telephone page.

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