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There are many choices of vessels on which to sail around Bonaire!
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Sailing Around Bonaire’s Waters

Bonaire’s mariners throughout the years.

Bonaire has been known for centuries as an island that produces some of the world’s finest sailors. Our flag incorporates a sailor’s compass as part of its design, demonstrating the navigation prowess the early Bonairean seafarers possessed. As a nation of sailors, Bonaire is still recognized for its contribution to the allied effort during World War II. A monument in Wilhelmina Park, placed by Eleanor Roosevelt, stands as testimony to the brave Bonaireans who gave their lives while serving in the Merchant Marines.

Bonaire International Sailing Regatta.

For almost 50 years, Bonaire has continued to celebrate its sailing tradition by hosting the International Sailing Regatta, held each fall. Sailors in all classes come to the island to race each other in various venues with even a category for 5 to 10-year-old sailors. This age bracket competes in small craft and windsurfing events. There are parties, races, and dancing in the streets. The entire island takes on a festive atmosphere and visitors from all over the world are welcome to participate as crew or spectators.

Sailing lessons.

Sailing lessons for adults and children are available through the non-profit Bonaire Sailing School Association.

Snorkel and sailing charters.

We also have a number of charter companies on the island.  Snorkel sails, weekend or daily charters are all possible. The breezes are gentle and the company congenial. A day sailing is a great way to relax and enjoy Bonaire from a different point of view.

Sailing Charter Operators


+599 786-7055
Aquaspace (Glass Viewing Panels Below)
+599 701-2782
Baka de Laman Watertaxi - Seacow -
+599 780-7126
Blue Bay Sailing
+599 701-5500
Bonaire Boat Charter (glass bottom boat and kayak tours)
+599 795-1826
Bonaire From the Sea
+599 785-2277
Bon-Sea (Semi-Submersible Submarine)
+599 770-4216
+599 786-7615
Carib Sailing Bonaire
+599 790-0986
Compass Sailing Bonaire
+599 786-7757
Epic Tours Bonaire
+599 777-2668
Lucky 7 (motor yacht)
+599 701-1141
+599 717-2450
Pirate Cruise of Bonaire
+599 780-9933
Sailing Point Bonaire
+599 788-4882
Sail Maruva
+599 701-9999
Samur Sailing & Charters
+599 717-5592
SoloBon Sailing
+599 700-9875
South Caribbean Sailing
+599 782-7660
Suave Sailing Bonaire
+599 786-7757
Synergi Sailing
+599 785-9496

For information on dialing a Bonaire phone number from off-island, see the Telephone page.

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