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Latin Vibe at Cuba Compagnie!  I was invited to dinner by friends. Previously, I had been to Cuba for cocktails but dinner was a new experience. We sat outside surrounded by a lively and bustling vibe. The wait staff are very friendly and helpful. They are very busy so it takes patience and some effort to get their attention so go with a laid back go with the flow attitude. We arrived 7:15 and enjoyed dinner and conversation for 3 hours. House wine is cheap, 5.00. It is fine for the price. If you order red, which one of us did, you get a proper red wine glass. The menu is small but complete. Two of us ordered the tuna special (19.50) and the third diner ordered the vegetarian arugula pasta. Food was tasty and served warm. I really loved the pickled cucumber side. We enjoyed our food. After dinner, we waited quite a while for our bill but as we were enjoying our social time, we weren't too impatient. The setting is really chill and fun. Give it a go for dinner or perhaps drinks and music on a night that features entertainment.
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