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Many families or small groups come to Bonaire to enjoy the fantastic diving that is world-famous. Bruce Bowker’s Carib Inn offers the opportunity to reserve your own dive boat, for groups up to 12 persons, at an easy-to-afford price.

The dive sites at undeveloped Klein Bonaire are normally considered more pristine than those along the leeward shore of Bonaire.  This is because Klein Bonaire does not get the inherent pressures of polluting runoff that can occur along the west coast, where there is coastal development.  And, the dive sites at Klein Bonaire are unique and different in topography than the sites which are accessible from Bonaire’s western shore.

white_boat_lrThere are also many dive sites in the hillier, northern area of Bonaire, where shore access is more difficult.  Some of these dive sites offer sweeping walls, historic anchors lush with marine life, and an abundance of turtles!  It is just easier to do a back-roll off the dive boat than to try to do difficult shore entries and exits.

With an advance reservation and subject to boat and divemaster availability, the Carib Inn offers private boats, an ideal setup for families or small groups from one person (total luxury!) to 12 persons.  Either one-tank or two-tank dives are available, and this option allows you the luxury of choosing your dive site, choosing your divemaster, and choosing your departure time.  Morning charters can be arranged with departures between 8:30 and 10:00 AM, while single-tank afternoon departures can be scheduled between 12:30 and 2:00 PM.  Divers are invited to bring their own drinks and lunch or snacks, but do be aware that no alcohol is allowed on the dive boats.

A single-tank charter costs $222.00 for one to six persons.  Each additional person over six is $37.00 per person.  A two-tank charter costs $396.00 for one to six persons, with each additional person over six adding in $66.00 per person.  For dive sites in Washington National Park, there is a $12.00 per diver surcharge to cover the additional fuel costs.

Carib Inn enjoys a unique following of loyal divers who return year after year.  Every person on the dive crew at the Carib  Inn is a PADI Instructor, each with many years of experience in the diving industry.  Even if you have shore diving arranged with another facility, you will be welcomed by Bruce and his staff if you wish to enjoy a private dive boat from the Carib Inn dock.  For additional information, visit their web site at

(Source:  Bruce Bowker’s Carib Inn)

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