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Nederlands (Dutch) – The Official Language of Bonaire

The Dutch language is considered to have originated in about AD 700 (a rather arbitrary date) from the various Germanic dialects spoken in the Netherlands region, most of (Low) Frankian origin. A process of standardization started in the Middle Ages, especially under the influence of the Burgundian Ducal Court in Dijon (Brussels after 1477).

Dutch is the official language of Bonaire, as it is part of the Netherlands.  You will find the Dutch language used in official communications, as well as in many businesses or shops. Most people working within the tourism community are multi-lingual, and can normally switch to English or Spanish, as well as Dutch and Papiamentu, so don’t be shy in asking the locals to switch to a common language.

Nederlands (Dutch)
Good MorningGoedemorgen
Good AfternoonGoedemiddag
Good EveningGoedenavond
How are you?/HelloHoe gaat het met u?
I am fine.Het gaat goed met mij.
Tastes goodDat smaakt goed
Good ByeTot ziens
one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, teneen, twee, drie, vier, vijf, zes, zeven, acht, negen, tien

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