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Bonaire's professional realtors can assist with the purchase of a home or lot.

Realtors can assist with a home sale or purchase, or even the purchase of a business.

To meet the demand for the sale and purchase of real estate, or possibly even the long-term rental of property on the island, Bonaire has a number of real estate agents to answer your questions.  All realtors on Bonaire are knowledgeable and are great resources to help you with the purchase of a home or business.  Real estate prices do fluctuate along with the world economy, but your agent can advise you on this topic as well.

Choose your realtor wisely as they will be key in helping you find the best home for your needs.

It is recommended you meet with several realtors on the island, so you may get a feel for the one with whom you are the most comfortable. All professional realtors on Bonaire have experience in the various components of buying land or a home or business, and they can also advise on issues which you may not have considered yourself.

Is the property situated to catch the tradewinds?

Living on a Caribbean island can be much different than living in a large city elsewhere.  One needs to think about how a home is situated, especially if you wish to live with the cooling tradewinds, instead of air-conditioning. If the home is not situated to catch the wind, the home will not be cool.

Leased land versus owned land.

Another aspect which many are not familiar with is the concept of leased land versus owned land.  Once again, your realtor can best advise on the differences between these two types of land ownership.

Other considerations before looking at properties.

Your realtor can also assist with managing your expectations.  If you desire a multi-bedroom property on the ocean, does your budget cover such a home? Be honest with your realtor in regard to your basic desires– the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, if you wish an apartment on the property for rental income, whether you desire a gated community, or wish to live on a kunuku (farmland), or somewhere in between.  These are all factors which will be considered by your realtor when they choose properties to show.

Bonaire Realtors

Caribbean Homes
+599 717-4686
Christie's International Real Estate
+599 786-4740
Harbourtown Real Estate
+599 717-5539
RE/MAX Paradise Homes
+599 717-7362
NLC Real Estate
+599 717-5353
Sotheby's International Realty
+599 717-1950
Sunbelt Realty
+599 717-6560
Sun Rentals Bonaire - Real Estate
+599 717-6130
+599 717-0881

For information on dialing a Bonaire phone number from off-island, see the Telephone page.

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