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Bonaire's local youths have grown up in the waters surrounding the island.

Local Information, Services, and Resources on Bonaire

InfoBonaire serves as a resource not only to Bonaire’s visitors but also to its residents. The pages in this Local Information section, cover a wide range of topics of local interest.


For example, on our Technology page, you’ll find a description of the various types of technology, including electrical systems and Internet access found on Bonaire.


On our Supermarkets page, you’ll find a listing of Bonaire’s various grocery stores, as well as information on hours, accessibility, and even local shopping tips.

Reaching Out by Telephone.

If you need to reach out and call someone, our Telephone page gives you information on local phone service.  And commonly used phone numbers are available on our Phonebook page.

Governmental Services and Banking.

Those flying in and out of Bonaire will use the services of Flamingo Airport. Bonaire’s airport can provide a variety of special services for those who require them.

Bonaire’s local branch of the Post Office of the Dutch Caribbean is located on J.A. Abraham Boulevard across from Plaza Wilhelmina and near the southern end of Kaya Grandi. Anybody interested in stamp collecting should check them out.

Money plays a big part in everyone’s life, and our Banking page helps point you to the financial services on Bonaire.

Traffic and the Rules of the Road.

If you plan to rent a vehicle while on Bonaire, be sure to preview the Traffic page, which highlights common road signage on Bonaire and also lists general rules of the road.

Recycling on Bonaire is easy.

On a small island like Bonaire, trash is a huge problem.  Those visitors who would like to be more sustainable can learn about Recycling while visiting.

Living on Bonaire, either in your own home or a rented apartment.

If you’re looking to find a place to live, whether it be a long-term rental, a house to buy, or land to build a house on, our Real Estate page will point you to a number of companies who can help you.


Maybe shopping for something as large as a house is not of interest, but buying goods needed for a comfortable living is. Visit our Shopping page to get an overview of the shopping available here on Bonaire.

Religion and churches on Bonaire.

Finally, life on Bonaire would not be complete for many without spiritual guidance. Our Religion page lists all places of worship on Bonaire and times of services.

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