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In just a few weeks, Kite Beach, a/k/a Atlantis, will explode with activity as Kitemanera comes to Bonaire.  Kitemanera is a two-day event with no lack of fun events–for either participants or spectators.  Join in the fun on March 19th and 20th on the beach.

kitemeraThe name Kitemanera is derived from “caimanera,” which is Spanish for playing any sport with friends just to have fun, without rules.

The Kitemanera first began on Bonaire in 2014 and since that inception, its main goal has been to gather kiters and compete all together.  The result?  One happy, windy weekend full of kites in the air and certainly lots of fun!

On Saturday, March 19th, the first event of the weekend will begin at 10:30 AM at Kite Beach and this is the superlative “Costume Race.”  This is a signature event where all participants compete on a long distance race while dressed in original and colorful costumes.  It’s expected that spectators will see about 120 kiters out on the water in their costumes, so it’s not to be missed.

After the opening event, heats will begin for the King & Queen of Bonaire, a competition where the judges will evaluate freestyle skills, the height of jumps, the complexity of tricks, landings, and style.  This is where the kiters will be certainly be strutting their stuff and it’s a great photo opportunity to catch these athletes at their best.

At 4:30 PM on Saturday, a Freestyle Pro event will be held, open to all international and local pro kiters.

On Sunday, a Downwinder event to Klein Bonaire will begin at 12:30 PM.  On both evenings of the event–Saturday and Sunday–there will be parties and festivities on Coco Beach.  This is sure to be a fun event, so if you are on Bonaire, be sure to stop by.

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(Source:  Kitemanera 2016)

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