Ocean and Mangrove Kayaking on Bonaire

General Information About Kayaking on Bonaire

One of the fastest growing sports today is kayaking. Bonaire, being blessed with lots of calm waters and mild winds, has been quick to offer the sport to visitors. There are two kinds of kayaks that are available here on the island. The sit on and the sit in. The difference is that the sit on is really for taking pleasure trips and requires little more that a basic lesson, while the sit in model is for the pro. Eskimo rolls and open ocean adventure are the goal of the more advanced kayaker and there are certification courses available to prepare students who wish to learn the sport.

Bonaire's protected mangrove forests provide a unique tourNature Tours

For the more leisurely inclined, there are nature tours in the mangroves aboard kayaks and trips to Klein Bonaire for the more industrious paddlers.

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Kayak Diving

PADI, the Professional Association of Dive Instructors, offers a specialty course in Kayak Diving. Check with your favorite dive facility to see if they offer this PADI Specialty as well as the full certification course for ocean kayaks.


Recommended Kayak Operators *

Bonaire Windsurf Place
Mangrove Info & Kayak Center

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Other Kayak Operators
Royal Tours
Jibe City
Windows to the Sea Kayaking


Bonaire National Marine Park User Fee for Kayak Users

It is necessary for all who use the waters of the Bonaire National Marine Park to pay a Nature Fee of $10.00 per year ($25.00 for scuba divers). At the time of payment, you will receive a specially designed tag indicating your support for nature preservation and a receipt. If purchasing the $25.00 dive tag, keep both the tag and the receipt, as they will also provide you with complimentary admission to Washington-Slagbaai National Park throughout the year your tag is valid. Tags are available at all dive operations, hotels, resorts, windsurfing operations, sport fishing charter boats, sail/snorkel/water taxi operations, marinas, and other water sports operations on Bonaire.


For information on dialing a Bonaire phone number from off-island, see the Telephone page.