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World Shorebirds Day is September 6th, 2017.

It was only September, 2016–one short year ago–that Bonaire joined the Caribbean Birding Trail, but, in that time, the number of our visitors who incorporate birdwatching into their vacations on Bonaire has grown by leaps and bounds. One year later, Bonaire is ready to celebrate World Shorebirds Day.

World Shorebirds Day is a special day to celebrate shorebirds and the hard-working people dedicated to saving them. The Caribbean region has been a great supporter since the beginning four years ago. We hope that people from many different islands again participate in the count.”

— Gyorgy Szimuly, founder of Word Shorebirds Day

World Shorebirds Day logoEveryone can take part in World Shorebird Day.

One of the main activities of World Shorebirds Day is the Global Shorebird Count—hundreds of enthusiasts, including birdwatchers, educators, conservationists, researchers, and every-day folks just like you, will take part in this global event starting today and running through September 7th.

How to register.

Registration is open and available. For committed and returning bird counters, there is even a Loyalty Program! Everyone is encouraged to register through the form on this page and have a chance to win one of the fantastic prizes.

Log your data.

To make your submitted data visible to World Shorebirds Day, please be sure to share your checklist with worldshorebirdsday eBird username of World Shorebirds Day (WorldShorebirdsDay), to your contact list, and share all your related checklists with them (only checklists made during the World Shorebirds Day count period between 1–7 September 2017 are eligible). Guidelines for sharing checklists are here.

A green heron found at Cargill on Bonaire's southern coast.

A Green Heron found at Cargill on Bonaire’s southern coast.

Find a new or rare bird!

One never knows what exciting new birds might be observed on World Shorebirds Day. All observations are valuable. Many shorebird species are declining, and there is still very little known about shorebird migration in the Caribbean, such as where birds are stopping to rest and feed while on migration as well as the numbers of each species. So be sure to head out and find some shorebirds for World Shorebirds Day and enter your checklists for your Global Shorebird Count in eBird Caribbean. If you’re new to eBird, check out this Quick Start guide.

Your data also helps with the Caribbean Waterbird Census.

Don’t forget also that any counts carried out at a wetland or beach count as a Caribbean Waterbird Census (CWC) count; enter your data as a CWC count on step 2 of data entry on eBird Caribbean. In addition, your shorebird count can be part of the International Shorebird Survey, which is just beginning to be encouraged in the Caribbean – read more here.

How does one find shorebirds on Bonaire?

Here are three ideal, easy-to-find locations on Bonaire to observe shorebirds:

  • Salinja de Vlijt, opposite the Harbour Village Marina
  • Cargill, you don’t even have to leave your car for this one!
  • Gotomeer, and there is a bench to relax upon located at the beginning of Gotomeer, just outside the gate of Bopec
Help put Bonaire on the World Shorebird Day map by logging the shorebirds you see during the coming days!

(Source:  Birds Caribbean)


Susan Davis, Bonaire InsiderSusan Davis has been living on Bonaire for over 25 years. She is a PADI Master Instructor, and an underwater and topside photographer. She also enjoys writing for The Bonaire Insider tourism news blog. 

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