It Rains Fishes Restaurant and Bar Celebrates 15th Anniversary

It’s hard to believe that it has been fifteen years since It Rains Fishes opened its door in a historic Bonairean home on the oceanfront promenade.  The restaurant made their mark on Bonaire cuisine early in their first days, and they haven’t stopped innovating since that time.

20151202-ItRainsFishes1The restaurant has gotten a few tweaks in recent months and now is sporting a chic new image.  Their fish market has been expanded and now includes local fishes, international fishes, and Dutch fishes.  And the best part of the anniversary celebration is the new menu!

20151202-ItRainsFishes2Presented like a newspaper, the extensive menu offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as a surprising amount of libations for at the bar or your table.

Just new are the daily specials, where each day offers a new insight into the wealth of meals and beverages which the restaurant can deliver.  Tuesdays are now Create Your Own Pasta where you can pick all your own components–meat, fish, chicken, seafood–and then choose your pasta and your vegetables to go with it.  There’s a blackboard showing all the different choices, so it’s easy to get exactly what you want!

Wednesdays highlight Dutch fresh fishes, also chosen at the blackboard to show what is available. Thursdays is seafood once again, focusing upon international and local fishes.  It’s certainly raining fishes on these days!

Fridays and Saturdays are the days to cozy up to the bar, sit yourself down, and delve into some of the new creations, such as the Fishes Kiss or Teki Loco, but of course, all your favorites, including the classic Martini–shaken OR stirred–can be enjoyed as well.

So, if you haven’t enjoyed a meal at It Rains Fishes in awhile, it’s definitely time to remedy that and taste-test the new menu.  To make a reservation, visit their web site by clicking here(Source:  It Rains Fishes Restaurant Bar)




  • Ruth mielziner

    My granddaughter who is now 16 yrs old was 15 months old when we first dined at your restaurant along with our entire family so your restaurant holds a very special memory to me!!
    My husband and I have been back to Bonaire a few times in the past several years and of course have had wonderful meals at your restaurant but I really wish that we could get back soon. Failing health has prevented us from getting back recently!

    We are going to try hard to get back to Bonaire but most of all we MUST GET BACK TO “it rains fishes” !!!

    • The Bonaire Insider

      Hi Ruth, What a great story! I’m sure that whenever you get here, It Rains Fishes will be waiting for you with some mouth-watering temptations!

    • It Rains Fishes

      Hi Ruth, Thank you for your positive comment. First of all, and the most important, we hope your health is getting better soon. And of course we hope to see you back at It Rains Fishes when possible.