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Visiting Bonaire with Your Pet

Many visitors who arrive for longer trips to Bonaire wish to bring their pets with them.  In many cases, this is allowed.

Arriving by plane with your pet

Those who wish to arrive by plane, and who wish to travel with their pets (either in the cabin, if a small animal, or in cargo) should contact their air carrier as soon as possible to ascertain if the airline can transport the animal.  With Bonaire’s consistent warm weather, some airlines will place restrictions on transporting pets in the cargo hold of planes, as the temperature can simply become to high for the animals.  Additionally, many airlines will restrict the number of small animals that can be carried on into the cabin (per flight).

Prepare the pet for travel

Once you have ascertained that travel with your pet is possible, you will also need to get your pet “chipped.”  This means that a small identifying microchip is placed under the pet’s skin and this procedure can be done by your animal’s vet.  All pets coming into Holland, and this includes Bonaire as one of the BES Islands, must have chips in place.  If your pet is not chipped, then the airline can deny boarding at your point of origin.

Bring the proper paperwork for your pet

Finally, for pets originating in the United States, it is recommended that your veterinarian or local authority completes and signs the Bonaire Veterinary Certificate.  You may download this document by clicking here (available in PDF format in both Dutch and English).

Vet care on Bonaire

Should you require vet care for your pet while on Bonaire, there are two vets:

Veterinary Doctors
Dierenartsenpraktijk Nikiboko
Kaya Nikiboko Zuid 132
+599 717-3338
Dienenasiel Bonaire
Kaminda Lagoen 26
+599 717-4989

Pet-friendly resorts on Bonaire

This Bonaire property is pet-friendly!It’s getting easier to find pet-friendly accommodations on Bonaire.  These properties are pet-friendly but do ask what terms or conditions might apply before arriving with your pet.

Pet-Friendly Properties

Coco Palm Garden/Casa

More Information

More Information

Kaya Statius van Eps 9
+599 717-2108
+599 780-2108
This Bonaire property is pet-friendly!
Kitchen Facilities
Swimming Pool
Happy Holiday Homes

More Information

Punt Vierkant 9
+599 717-8405
This Bonaire property is pet-friendly!
Kitchen Facilities

Be sure to follow local laws.

There are beaches were government regulations prohibit the walking of dogs, primarily so as not to disturb sensitive ecological areas.  No dogs are permitted on these beaches:

  • Playa Lechi (Coco Beach, or as it was formerly known, Sunset Beach)
  • Playa Lechi South start of Boulevard
  • Playa Chachacha
  • Playa Pal’i Mangel
  • Bachelor’s Beach
  • Salt pier to Willemstoren
  • Pink Beach
  • Pelike
  • Sorobon
  • Cai
  • Nukove
  • Tolo
  • Thousand Steps
  • Klein Bonaire


For information on dialing a Bonaire phone number from off-island, see the Telephone page.

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