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How to Get to Bonaire.

Bonaire is a destination for visitors who want to enjoy a country that is still relatively unknown but has plenty of amenities and comforts that insure a relaxed and peaceful environment. It may take an extra flight or change of planes to get here, but almost everyone agrees it is worth every bit of the additional time it takes.

Arriving by Plane.

The majority of Bonaire’s visitors arrive via airplanes originating in many North American and European gateways.  Those from South America arrive on regional connections.    Flamingo Airport offers many services to arriving and departing travelers.

No ferry service at this time.

Many people ask but, unfortunately, there is NO ferry service of any kind between Bonaire and Aruba, Venezuela, or Curacao. Scheduled travel between these locations is limited to air travel. It might be possible to charter a boat for your own personal tour. If that is of interest, go to our Sailing page for contacts.

Arriving by cruise ship.

Another way to visit Bonaire is via a cruise ship. During High Season from December through April we have, on average, 4 ships per week. Many of the large cruise lines visit, but Bonaire is also a favorite port for the smaller ships. Take a look at our Cruise Ship page for a calendar schedule of the ships and lines that will be visiting Bonaire over the next year, as well as our FAQs for Cruise Ship Visitors.

Arriving by yacht.

Finally, there are still those who arrive by sailing into Bonaire.  For those arriving via yachts or cruising in, you may find the information on our yachting page helpful.

Check out all the links and read the dive magazines for tips on Bonaire. The island will win your heart.  We may be hard to reach at times, but once you get here, you won’t want to leave.

For information on dialing a Bonaire phone number from off-island, see the Telephone page

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