Getting the Shot: Eye on Ellen Muller

profile2Bonaire has a wealth of excellent nature photographers, both professional and amateur.  This year, the Bonaire Insider will profile some of these amazing amateur photographers and showcase their work.  Our first resident photographer is Ellen Muller.

Ellen moved from the United States to Bonaire in 1980. She didn’t pick up an underwater camera until 2001 when she became instantly hooked on underwater photography. Being able to dive almost daily in Bonaire provides many opportunities to document the amazing diversity of marine life in Bonaire’s waters. Her passion is being able to share with others, through her underwater photography, some of the incredible underwater creatures she is fortunate enough to encounter on a regular basis. Ellen has photographed many unusual, rare and unique creatures and recorded previously unknown behaviors, making an invaluable contribution to our knowledge of the fascinating underwater world.profb2

Occasionally, she will turn her camera topside where she enjoys sharing her passion for photography with her 6-year old granddaughter, Molly.

Ellen is currently using a Canon G16 and Canon housing WP-DC52 with add-on Inon close up lenses UCL 165 & 330. For her topside photography, she employs a Canon SX50.

Ellen publishes a wonderful calendar each year of her exceptional photography.  Check out her current calendar!

View more of Ellen’s stunning underwater photography.

(Source:  Bonaire Insider Reporter)




  • Carole Baker

    Congratulations to Ellen & thank you, Bonaire Insider, for featuring her work! Ellen is the absolute BEST!!!

    • The Bonaire Insider

      Hi Carole, yes, not only is Ellen’s photography stunning, but what she manages to find is unbelievable as well!

  • Rosemary Kurtti

    On my last trip to Bonaire, I purchased the 2016 Underwater Bonaire created by Ellen. It is beautiful. The photos on this website are spectacular. Ellen should consider entering some of her photos to the BeneathThesea Imaging contest. ( It is too late for this year, but the next contest will be in 4th quarter 2016

    • The Bonaire Insider

      Ellen’s underwater images are truly spectacular. We’ll be sure to pass along your suggestion to her. We’re glad you enjoyed the story.

  • Thomas Wolstenholme

    It’s always great to see the work of someone who isn’t a regular photographic contributor to a flashy dive magazine and how she or he views and photographs the undersea world. Thank you for publishing this work by Ellen Muller. When next I am in Bonaire, I shall look up her work. Also, for those of us, (like me), who do not have fortunes to spend on underwater photography equipment, I am gratified to see that Ms. Muller is doing her remarkable underwater work with only a somewhat modest camera, a Canon G16 and Canon housing. As I use an earlier version of this series, I hold out hope that I may do even a fraction as well as she has.

    • The Bonaire Insider

      Hi Thomas, we’re so glad you enjoyed the article and Ellen’s images, and hope they give you incentive to keep improving your own images. You are absolutely correct–it is NOT the camera that makes the photographer, but the photographer who makes the camera. When you are next on Bonaire, do check out Ellen’s calendar that she does each year featuring her stunning underwater images.

      During the coming series in 2016, we hope to showcase some of Bonaire’s other excellent nature photographers, the island is lucky to have such a wealth of photographers who’s interest it is to capture nature. Stay tuned!

  • Karen clark

    Ellen’s photo’s are truely amazing!! I have gone diving but I haven’t seen most of what she captures in her photographs. Keep them coming!!

    • The Bonaire Insider

      We’re delighted you enjoyed the images! Yes, Ellen does do amazing work. But she also moves very slowly when she is diving, which helps her find all the special creatures which she photographs. It’s a good lesson to learn to move slowly when diving and then you get to enjoy all the little things you might be missing!