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Fast Fit2Fly COVID testing is now available at Health Center Bon Bida.

Testing capacity for Fit2Fly tests is increased.

Starting in January, Health Center Bon Bida Bonaire was the first to make COVID testing possible on Bonaire.  Although the testing center starting with a low capacity, it was very quickly scaled up to meet the demand of the local community, guests of the hotels and resorts, as well as other visitors who required testing prior to flying back to their home country.

COVID testing at Bonaire's Health Center Bon Bida.

Because of the collaboration with accredited labs in both Aruba and Curacao, over 1000 people were assisted with providing the necessary travel documents to fly.  Without this testing, Bonaire residents or visitors could not travel for work, family visits, or relaxation.

With new processing machines, the labwork for testing can now be done right here on Bonaire.

In order to increase needed capacity, make the testing process more efficient, and deliver faster results, Health Center Bon Bida has invested in new PCR processing machines, so that the lab work can be done locally here on Bonaire.  This results in lower costs, faster processing time, and adjusted, more economical pricing.

Health Center Bon Bida has processing equipment right on site.

Without the need to send tests off-island for processing, Fit2Fly tests are now more economical.

Beginning tomorrow, April 1st, 2021, Health Center Bon Bida will offer the following testing:

  • PCR (NAAT) test–USD $125.00 per person.
  • An Antigen rapid test–USD $65.00 per person.
  • Combination PCR + Antigen test–USD $170.00 per person.

About Fit2Fly testing at Health Center Bon Bida.

Meanwhile, the COVID-19 Test Center of Health Center Bon Bida Bonaire has created 15 new jobs for the island’s workforce.

Due to its local character and the multi-lingual employees, the reservation process is very pleasant for both locals and tourists. The test center will become part of Med Care Bonaire.

For more information or to book a test, please call +599 787-5687 or send an email to  You may also book directly on their website.

Health Center Bon Bida has its own COVID-19 testing facility.

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(Source:  Health Center Bon Bida)

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