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Catch of the Day! Image courtesy of Piscatur Fishing Charters

Catch of the Day! Image courtesy of Piscatur Fishing Charters

Fishing on Bonaire

One of the biggest thrills a person who enjoys fishing can experience is to match wits with an elusive, feisty, bonefish. There are a number of “secret” spots the local guides have staked out on the island and are willing to share with visiting fishermen.

In addition to bonefishing, there are a number of charter boats that will take anglers sports fishing in the waters off the coast of Bonaire. Sailfish, marlin, tuna, and tarpon are the most likely to be caught, however, it is not uncommon to catch wahoo, dorado, and other edible species.

Bonaire also hosts a number of local and International fishing tournaments during the year. See our calendar for dates. The organizers are proposing a plan to record, tag and release them back into the sea for future tournaments. The edible species are generally donated to various charitable organizations.

And finally, it must be mentioned that the island is trying to control the invasive Pacific Lionfish, a predatory fish expanding territories within the Caribbean. Check with your dive operator to see if they offer a lionfish hunting course. Once you have caught your lionfish, try out some of the recipes provided by InfoBonaire readers on ideas for how to best prepare them!

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The Bonaire Marine Park

The fringing reef which surrounds Bonaire is a National Marine Park from the high water mark down to a depth of 200 feet/60m. Every diver who has not dived on Bonaire within the last calendar year must attend a diver orientation dealing with Bonaire Marine Park regulations and information. These orientation sessions are usually held at around 9:00 AM the morning after you arrive on Bonaire, and you are required to attend and to obtain your Marine Park tag, which is necessary to legally dive in Bonaire’s waters. The cost of the tag is US$25, and proceeds help support park management and services.

For information on dialing a Bonaire phone number from off-island, see the Telephone page.

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