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Fire Jumping on the Dia di San Wan and Dia di San Pedro (Feast Days of St. John and St. Peter)

Each year at the end of June, during the Saints Days of San Wan (St. John) and San Pedro (St. Peter), Bonaireans go back to their roots with fire-dancing traditions and krioyo music!


Fire Jumping during the Feast Days of St. John and St. PeterFire-Jumping and Local Music.

Those watching are treated to several occasions of fire-jumping.  Along with this festivity, there is always some spontaneous impromptu music, using the traditional cultural instruments, those which hearken back to the days of using farm implements, or other items around the kunuku.  These can include the marimba, wiri (guiro), bari (small drum), karko (an empty conch shell), the triangle, guitar, kwarta (a local, four-stringed guitar), and, of course, hand-clapping for percussion.



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