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3D Printers Now Can Create Coral.

Corals made by a 3D PrinterIn an effort to enhance and accelerate coral preservation in Bonaire, Fabien Cousteau, and Harbour Village Beach Club, recently jointly announced their intention to bring 3-D coral printing technology to Bonaire later this year. Through their newly created Ocean Learning Center, located on-property, the cutting edge technology will amplify current restoration efforts in place by various groups and help advance reef growth for many species beyond just the coral itself.

“Coral reefs account for 25 percent of all reef life and $6.7 trillion of global economic development. Bonaire is in a prime position to enhance reef growth because it has so many natural, healthy reefs already. Our initiative with 3-D printing will rapidly assist us in revitalizing more stressed or damaged areas.”

— Fabien Cousteau

3d_coral1Science Imitating Nature

Better at imitating real coral, the 3-D printed reefs will have the same shape, texture and chemical make-up that attract free-floating baby coral polyps. Creating a lush, colorful coral garden, these “crown jewels” of the tropical seas will sustain other aquatic life such as algae, anemones, octopus, crab and more.

The exact locations for the project have yet to be determined and await local input and strategic design to maximize impact. Eventually, 3-D printing will occur on-island through the resort’s Ocean Learning Center, a research think tank with educational programming for guests, designed to raise awareness and seek solutions for ocean conservation.

(Source:  Harbour Village Resort)


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