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An amended Emergency Ordinance for Bonaire was announced by Lt. Governor Rijna yesterday afternoon.

Emergency Ordinance September 7, 2020, has lapsed.

The Emergency Ordinance of September 7, 2020, has lapsed after the Island Council did not ratify it. Due to a tie vote, the Emergency Ordinance of September 7, 2020, has not been approved by the Island Council.

The amended Emergency Ordinance September 9, 2020, goes into effect.

It is customary for the emergency measures on Bonaire to be discussed and evaluated on Friday. However, that has now happened on Wednesday, September 9, 2020. The newly amended emergency ordinance takes effect immediately. Lt. Governor Rijna creates more clarity with the amended Emergency Ordinance after receiving feedback from the island council. The adjustments apply to travelers and sports.

Travelers from St. Eustatius and the Netherlands

During the drafting of the new Emergency Ordinance, developments on St. Eustatius were immediately taken into account. The new Emergency Ordinance states that passengers from St. Eustatius arriving on Bonaire must now also be quarantined for 14 days.

Another adjustment in the Emergency Ordinance has to do with traveling from Europe. All passengers traveling from the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, and Switzerland will be quarantined unless they can demonstrate a negative PCR test that has been taken no more than 72 hours before departure. Travelers from high-risk countries and Aruba, Curaçao, Sint Maarten, and Sint Eustatius are quarantined for 14 days.


To prevent the spread of the coronavirus, rules have also been drawn up for practicing sports. After obtaining advice, Lieutenant Governor Rijna made it possible to exercise on sports fields with fewer restrictions. However, the rules remain for other sports facilities and fitness clubs. There may not be an audience at training and tournaments.

Additional instructions for those on Bonaire

The Emergency Ordinance contains even more instructions for visitors and residents of Bonaire. Its purpose is to prevent the coronavirus from spreading on the island. Everyone is called upon to adhere to the hygiene instructions. Wash hands regularly with soap and water, keep 1.5 meters away, and do not touch the eyes, mouth, and nose. Keep moving, get enough sleep, and increase your resistance by eating and living healthily. If you have complaints that indicate COVID-19, stay at home and call 0800-0800. Protect yourself and the people around you.

Mandatory Health Declaration

Travelers to Bonaire are required to complete an online health declaration, preferably 48 hours before departure. Upon arrival, you must be able to show the form (printed or a digital copy on your phone) to a Public Health employee if asked.

Download the health statement:



(Source:  OLB)

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