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The new Emergency Ordinance includes the in-travel policy for Bonaire and takes effect immediately.

The reason for the Emergency Ordinance is that Aruba has opened its borders to high-risk countries. This makes it possible for travelers from a high-risk country to travel to Bonaire within 14 days after a stopover in Aruba. The emergency ordinance has been introduced to enforce the in-travel policy.

In-Travel policy for Bonaire, included in the Emergency Ordinance 14 July 2020:

Health statement.

All persons traveling to Bonaire are obliged to fill in a fully and truthfully completed health declaration and to submit it to the competent authority upon arrival on Bonaire.

Entry restriction from high-risk countries

Persons who enter Bonaire via the airspace or territorial waters and who had a stay in a high-risk country, as referred to in Article 2 of the Regulation, less than 14 days prior to arrival on Bonaire may not travel to Bonaire.

Denial of access.

If they report to the airport, they will be refused entry to Bonaire. It is then the responsibility of the airline and the traveler to return directly to the departure airport. The costs involved are for the account of the airline and/or the traveler himself.


If there are circumstances, whereby a person from a high-risk country nevertheless arrives on the island, then this person is obliged, at his own expense, to quarantine 14 days immediately after arrival on Bonaire at a designated location named by the Lieutenant Governor of the Public Body Bonaire. They must comply with the measures and procedures to be followed in order to prevent an outbreak or spread of the Coronavirus. If persons do not comply with this, they will be prosecuted.

Duration Emergency Ordinance 14 July 2020.

The aforementioned measures are necessary to prevent or limit the reintroduction and distribution on Bonaire of COVID-19 as much as possible.

The regulations from the Emergency Ordinance 14 July 2020 come into effect immediately. The regulation will expire on 1 August 2020, unless it has been decided to extend or withdraw the regulation before that date.

Change in low-risk countries.

Luxembourg has been removed from the list of low-risk countries and Switzerland has been added to this list.


View the Emergency Ordinance 14 July 2020 (available in Dutch in PDF format).

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