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A Southern Stingray swims along Bonaire's reef, image by Ellen Muller.

The Dive and Snorkel Sites are listed below by location number. All sites marked are suitable for scuba diving. We have selected a number of sites as good snorkeling sites too.

Legend of Symbols:

 Shore Access

 Boat Access

 Good Snorkeling

 Advanced Diving

On the main island of Bonaire:

Dive SiteShoreBoatSnorkelAdvanced
1. Boka Bartol  
2. Playa Bengi   
3. Playa Funchi  
4. Bise Morto   
5. Wayaka   
6. Boka Slagbaai    
7. Nukove  
8. Carel's Vision 
9. Karpata   
10. La Dania's Leap 
11. Rappel 
12. Bloodlet 
13. Ol' Blue   
14. Country Garden 
15. Bon Bini Na Cas 
16. 1000 Steps   
17. Weber's Joy/Witch's Hut   
18. Jeff Davis Memorial  
19. Kalli's Reef  
20. Oil Slick Leap   
21. Barcadera  
22. Andrea II   
23. Andrea I   
24. Petries Pillar 
25. Small Wall  
26. Cliff   
27. La Machaca (Habitat)  
28. Reef Scientifico  
29. Buddy's Reef (Buddy Dive) 
30. Bari Reef (Sand Dollar)  
31. Front Porch (Coco Beach)  
32. Something Special   
33. Town Pier*   
34. Calabas Reef (Divi Flamingo Beach Resort) 
35. Eighteen Palms   
36. Windsock   
37. North Belnem   
38. Bachelor's Beach  
39. Chez Hines  
40. Lighthouse Point   
41. Punt Vierkant  
42. The Lake  
43. Hilma Hooker   
44. Angel City  
45. Alice In Wonderland  
46. Aquarius 
47. Larry's Lair 
48. Jeannie's Glory   
49. Salt Pier* 
50. Salt City   
51. Invisibles   
52. Tori's Reef   
53. Pink Beach   
54. White Slave  
55. Margate Bay   
56. Red Beryl 
57. Atlantis  
58. Vista Blue  
59. Sweet Dreams  
60. Red Slave   
61. Willemstoren Lighthouse  
62. Blue Hole 
63. Cai**  

*The Town Pier and the Salt Pier require a local divemaster with Harbor Master’s permission.
**The mangrove area is recommended for snorkeling.

On Klein Bonaire:

Dive SiteShore BoatSnorkelAdvanced
A. No Name  
B. Ebo's Reef 
C. Jerry's Reef  
D. Just A Nice Dive  
E. Nearest Point 
G. Bonaventure 
H. Monte's Divi 
I. Rock Pile  
J. Joanne's Sunchi 
K. Captain Don's Reef  
L. South Bay  
M. Hands Off 
N. Forest  
O. Southwest Corner  
P. Munk's Haven 
R. Sharon's Serenity  
T. Mi Dushi  
U. Carl's Hill Annex/Yellow Man's Reef  
V. Carl's Hill  
W. Ebo's Special/Jerry's Jam  
X. Leonora's Reef  
Y. Knife  
Z. Sampler  

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