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Dash Kitchen–for when you need a weekend breakfast in a dash!

Bonaire has a new mobile catering venture, called Dash Kitchen!  It is only open for breakfast (or an early lunch) and only on weekends (at least so far).

Dash Kitchen provides a hearty breakfast.

We visited on their second weekend in business, but word had definitely already gotten out.  On Sunday morning, we arrived about 8:45 AM and Jennifer informed us they weren’t quite open yet, but they would be happy to take care of us.  So we gave her our order and had a seat in the beach chairs next to the mobile catering truck.

Bill, Jennifer’s husband, was the cook, so we didn’t get to meet him, as he was working away over a hot griddle making our breakfast sandwiches.  We sat back and relaxed with our coffees, but within minutes Jennifer was back with our orders.

The menu is simple–you get your choice of two types of breakfast sandwiches or choose from a variety of donuts.  Or do like we did, and indulge–we tried one of each!

The donuts and sweet things.

Now, these are not normal donuts.  They are not mass-produced Krispy Kremes or Dunkin Donuts.  These are the real deal.  Real home-made donuts!  The choices vary.  When we arrived early, I immediately was drooling over the Peanut Butter Fudge donut on the menu board, but Jennifer sadly informed me that they weren’t available that day, and she had not yet changed the board for the morning’s offerings.  I gave a big sigh, and, instead, we ordered two Coconut Lime donuts.

While awaiting our sandwiches, we sipped on our excellent coffees and started in on the donuts.  Oh my!  What a sublime taste with the little bit of sour from the lime combined with the sweet coconut.  Quite honestly, a coffee and a donut would be enough for me on any day (these are BIG donuts), but we had our sandwiches coming!  The donuts didn’t last long, and before we knew it, Jennifer was back with our sandwiches.

(Editor’s note:  I’ve since learned that the menu is expanding.  On their third week in business, Dash Kitchen introduced scrumptious cinnamon rolls, served with (if desired, but let’s get real–who wouldn’t?) a cream cheese icing.)

The breakfast sandwiches.

Now, I must confess I wimped out when ordering my sandwich, as “spicy” can be a subjective adjective.  So, I ordered an egg (fried–you can choose scrambled as well) and cheese on a biscuit.  My companion forged ahead and ordered the spicy chicken sandwich.  Once they arrived, my eyes kept darting over to that chicken sandwich!

As we commenced munching, my sandwich was fine.  The home-made biscuit was light and fluffy, with the egg done just right (to my order) and the cheese was melting beautifully over it. But my eyes kept darting to that darn chicken sandwich.  It looked divine!  My companion informed me it had a “nice” spice to it but wasn’t overwhelming, the chicken was tender, and the coleslaw fresh. But he wouldn’t budge on giving me a bite.  I shall have to return another day to try the spicy chicken which kept my attention!

The ambiance.

As I mentioned earlier, we had arrived before Dash Kitchen was actually open.  Jennifer served our sandwiches quickly, and by 9:00 AM, when they were supposed to open, there was already a line of hungry people!

The atmosphere was great, everyone was friendly and talked back and forth, and the patrons were a nice mix of visitors and locals. By the time we left, the parking lot was full and everyone was happily munching away!

The folks from Bonaire's Windhoek Resort enjoying breakfast at Dash Kitchen.

About Dash Kitchen.

Every morsel of every menu item is lovingly crafted from scratch by either Jennifer or Bill.  They are made daily, with no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives of any kind.  The eggs used are locally produced here on Bonaire. As the couple gets situated, they do plan to introduce additional items to the menu, and if they are as great as their current offerings, it will be worth a visit every now and then just to see and taste what is new.


Dash Kitchen is conveniently located just north of Kralendijk on the main road (where Kaya Grandi becomes Kaya Gobernador N. Debrot).  There is ample parking available for patrons.

The location of Dash Kitchen on Bonaire.

Open hours.

Dash Kitchen is currently open on Saturdays and Sundays from 9:00 AM through Noon, but plans are in the works to expand additional hours or days by October.  They will be also open for island events such as the upcoming Bonaire Regatta or Carnival.  Future plans also include the possibility of placing special orders for private events or parties.  Imagine a dozen donuts to share on the beach after the morning dive!  Take-home items, such as home-made loaves of bread, are also in the works.

Environmentally friendly.

Jennifer and Bill strive to do everything they can to protect Bonaire’s environment, and, as such, they pledge not to use any single-use plastics in their business. All their food is served either in recyclable aluminum foil and/or compostable paper bags, and they do not offer straws or plastic cup lids, etc. Any plastic that they may stock for customer use, such as coffee spoons, are plant-based and eco-friendly materials and are washed and re-used.

About the Dash.

And, even though Dash Kitchen is just perfect for when you are dashing about running errands, going diving or snorkeling, or just want a great home-made breakfast on the weekend, that is not what the name is about.  Jennifer told me that they were inspired by a poem which describes a man giving a eulogy.  The speaker referred to the two dates on a tombstone–the date of birth, and then, with sadness, the following date.  However, the speaker continued, it was the dash in the middle of those two dates which was the most important, for that little dash represented the life lived in between those two dates.  It is a genuine reminder to live life to the fullest so that the dash represents wonderful memories.

It is obvious that Jennifer and Bill are truly “living their dash!”

(Source:  Bonaire Insider Reporter)

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Susan Davis, Bonaire InsiderSusan Davis has been living on Bonaire for over 25 years. She is a PADI Master Instructor, a certified bird guide, and an underwater and topside photographer. She also enjoys writing for The Bonaire Insider tourism news blog. 

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