Coral Restoration Foundation

Image courtesy of Beth Watson

Most of Bonaire’s diving visitors say they return time and time again because the diving on Bonaire is in unspoiled nature. Bonaire is known around the world for the way it protects its nature. That’s why in 2012 the Bonaire island council granted a permit to the Coral Restoration Foundation (CRF) to begin developing a coral nursery and reef restoration project in Bonaire.

The goal of the foundation is to restore degraded portion of the reef, in particular the shallow water population of staghorn and elkhorn corals around Bonaire and the adjacent island Klein Bonaire.

The main production coral nursery is situated on Klein Bonaire, where the coral is disturbed as little as possible and additional nurseries are located in front of Buddy Dive Resort, Harbor Village, Eden Beach Resort, Calabas Reef (Tropical Divers), and at Something Special (Gooodive Bonaire) and are used for training and demonstrations. The total nursery coral capacity is about 7000 corals.

Image courtesy of Beth Watson

After approximately eight months spent in the nursery, healthy and mature corals are transplanted to degraded portion of the reef, at the restoration sites. As of February, 2015, CRF Bonaire staff, together with a team of volunteers, has already transplanted more than 3000 corals to five different restoration sites around the island.

Being able to participate in the Coral Restoration program not only makes people aware of the actual state of the reef and its threats, but also contributes to their personal development as divers, learning proper skills and techniques which they will carry with them on all their future dives as well.

Image courtesy of Federico Cabello

Those that have a greater interest, or wish to get involved, in this important project are welcome to attend the Coral Restoration slide presentation every Monday evening at 6:30 PM at the pool bar of Buddy Dive Resort.  Support CRF Bonaire by purchasing a $10.00 CRF tag.  View other weekly Bonaire events.