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Central quarantine is mandated for travelers from certain high-risk countries to stem the spread of coronavirus variants.

Starting on April 8, 2021, travelers from Latin America and the other countries that are already included in the current flight bans will need to go into central quarantine for 10 days at their own expense upon arrival on Bonaire, in locations designated by Lt. Governor Rijna. Children up to the age of 13 traveling with adults are also to be quarantined.

Five days after arrival, these passengers will be required to submit to another PCR test, taken at their own expense (children up to the age of 13 are not required to do so). The test results should be sent to the Public Health Department. If the test result is negative, travelers and children up to 13 years old may leave quarantine.

Passengers from these countries must submit to central quarantine.

The visitors affected by this mandate for central quarantine are those travelers from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, French Guyana, Guyana, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay, Venezuela, the United Kingdom, and South Africa.

In Latin America, there is an increased risk of the Brazilian type of coronavirus. With the mandatory PCR test five days after arrival, Bonaire wants to prevent the Brazilian type of virus from spreading on the island.

There has been a flight ban on direct flights from the countries mentioned above for some time. The mandatory pre-departure test(s) also remain in effect for these passengers. All travelers aged 13 and older must have a negative PCR/NAAT test before departure to Bonaire; the test must be taken no more than 24 hours before departure. Another option is to have a negative PCR test taken up to 72 hours before arrival in combination with a negative antigen test result. The antigen test must be taken no more than 24 hours before departure.

Bonaire’s lockdown continues.

Bonaire has been in lockdown for two weeks (since March 18, 2021) due to the high number of infections. Last week, Lt. Governor Rijna extended the lockdown for another two weeks, through April 16, 2021.

Due to the high number of infections, healthcare on the island is under great pressure. Last week, five COVID patients from Bonaire were transferred to hospitals outside the island. Therefore, residents and visitors must adhere to the basic measures.

For more information about the quarantine conditions:

Travel requirements for passengers from banned countries.

Note Update May 5, 2021:  Effective immediately, India has been placed on the list of countries for which central quarantine is mandatory.  Anyone arriving who has been in India for the prior 14 days must go into central quarantine at their own cost.

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