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Video and Photo Gallery of Bonaire’s Grand Carnival Parade 2017

Bonaire’s Grand Carnival Parade 2017.

This past weekend took its toll on a lot of folks here on Bonaire–at least those who were dancing down the long Carnival parade route from about 2:00 PM until past 6:00 PM. Meanwhile, those who where on the sidelines sat back and enjoyed the show!

Costumes glittered and gleamed.

Costumes were indeed extravagant, colorful, with lots of feathers, sequins, and other glittering items. Headdresses were so voluminous that one wonders how the wearers manage to keep their heads up straight!

Each Carnival group has a theme.

A variety of Carnival (Karnaval in Papiamentu) groups offered a fun display of themes: There were creatures from under the sea, celestial bodies and the signs of the zodiac, and even a bunch of construction workers who were spreading “asphalt” to fill all the holes in Bonaire’s roads (something truly needed on Bonaire these days!).

Two more Carnival events before the season closes.

There’s only two more events before the Carnival season ends:  Tonight will be a replay of the Children’s Carnival from 5:00 to 8:00 PM, and tomorrow a replay of the Grand Carnival, starting at 7:00 PM, and ending at midnight with the burning of King Momo.

Video of Sunday’s parade.

If you couldn’t see it live, sit back and enjoy this video and the photo gallery following.


Photo Gallery of Sunday’s parade.

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The Children’s Carnival (Karnaval) Was a Glitzy Pageant of Color and Energy

Bonaire’s Children’s Carnival was in Rincon on Saturday and Kralendijk on Sunday.

Bonaire's Children Carnival 2017This past weekend, over 300 of Bonaire’s youth kept the older population entertained when they performed in the 2017 edition of the Bonaire Youth Carnival Parade in Rincon on Saturday and in Kralendijk on Sunday.

The children were in six themed groups and exhibited a lot of youthful energy as they danced down the street.

Watch the largest group with 125 youth!


A variety of themes were represented in the Children’s Carnival–we had U.S. military personnel in the Army For Peace, navy, butterflies, ballerinas, and even belly-dancers!

Upcoming Carnival Events for the next week.

Bonaire's Children Karnaval 2017For those who haven’t yet observed the many Bonaire Carnival events, the next events will take place on Friday, February 24th, 2017, when there will be the school parade, the teener parade, and even the adults get into the early action with the elderly parade.

Then, next Saturday in Rincon, and next Sunday in Kralendijk, the adults will get to strut their stuff and see if they can out-do the kids when the Grand Carnival Parades take place.

Photo Gallery of Children’s Carnival.

Bonaire's Calendar of Events

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VIDEO: Bonaire…Quickly!

A new take on how to spend one’s Bonaire vacation!

Bonaire has long been known for its peace and tranquility–one reason visitors return again and again.  And many of the videos that are viewed from holidays on Bonaire support the “peace and quiet” of Bonaire.

But today we share with you a new take on Bonaire, showing just how much a person can jam into one fun-filled holiday!  Enjoy “Bonaire…Quickly!”

Thanks to Bruce Schnaak for his really fast take on Bonaire!  If you have a video of your Bonaire vacation that you would like to share, upload it to InfoBonaire’s Facebook page.


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VIDEO: Bonaire’s Excellent Diving, Filmed November, 2016

Bonaire visitors, Peter and Kate, shared this excellent underwater video of their Bonaire diving holiday.


We’d like to share this video that Peter and Kate made from their November, 2016 Bonaire vacation, and which they’ve uploaded to InfoBonaire’s Facebook page.

Bonaire’s excellent SCUBA diving

It highlights Bonaire’s unsurpassed diving, and they caught some amazing animal behaviors on video.

Good buoyancy skills are always necessary for good photography or videography.

It’s also refreshing to see the photographers and videographers were making use of excellent buoyancy skills! Congratulations to Peter and Kate on a fine video.  We hope you enjoy this glimpse into Bonaire’s underwater realm as much as we did.


If you have a video of a Bonaire visit that you’d like to share, be sure to post it on our Facebook page.

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VIDEO: Octopus Steals Go Pro and Takes Video of Diver!

Divers use many adjectives to describe the feelings they experience when diving on Bonaire:  awe-inspiring, humbling, peaceful, zen.  However, not many actually can say that Bonaire’s underwater denizens have actually tickled their funny bone!

Recently on a dive at Carib Inn, a diver had an unexpected octopus encounter!  We won’t give away the story, so you’ll have to watch the video.

For those readers who have dove at Carib Inn, the diver that got “snookered” was none other than Carib Inn’s own Kitty!  Thanks, Kitty, for a great laugh!


(Source: Bruce Bowker’s Carib Inn)

Fire-Jumping on the Feast Days of San Wan and San Pedro

firejumpingEach year at the end of June, during the Saints Days of San Wan (St. John) and San Pedro (St. Peter), Bonaireans go back to their roots, and this year was no exception.

Residents and visitors were treated to several occasions of fire-jumping.  Along with this festivity, there is always some spontaneous impromptu music, using the traditional cultural instruments, those which hearken back to the days of using farm implements, or other items around the kunuku.  These can include the marimba, wiri (guiro), bari (small drum), karko (an empty conch shell), the triangle, guitar, quarta (a local, four-stringed guitar), and, of course, hand-clapping for percussion.

We hope you enjoy these videos.


(Source:  Bonaire Insider Reporter)

Fantastic Video of Bonaire Above the Water Line

We have shared some fantastic underwater videos recently, but we cannot forget that Bonaire is just as stunning above the water line!  Today we feature a video which illustrates why so many visitors fall in love with this island!

Today’s featured video, by We Share Bonaire, is narrated in Bonaire’s native language, Papiamentu.  English subtitles are provided which translate this moving poem, and the video is entitled, “I Shall Return.”

It tells of how one man, who must leave his native home of Bonaire, and longs to return and promises to do just that.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.


Video courtesy of We Share Bonaire

(Source:  Bonaire Insider Reporter, We Share Bonaire)