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Today is Bonaire Day, Dia di Bonaire, Dia di Boneiru! Enjoy Bonaire’s Flag Day!!

Bonaire’s Flag Day is September 6th each year. Today, September 6th, is Bonaire’s Flag Day, a day which is filled with reminders of our unique culture and heritage. The day was officially opened with the traditional flag-raising ceremony.   View the entire schedule of events. Prayers go to

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Mangazina di Rei’s October Cultural Market Focuses on Health

Bonaire’s Monthly Cultural Market at Mangazina di Rei provides a fun opportunity to learn about the island’s history and culture.   The last Saturday of every month, everyone gathers at Mangazina di Rei for the fun, and educational, cultural markets. These markets each have an underlying theme, and

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Fire-Jumping on the Feast Days of San Wan and San Pedro

Each year at the end of June, during the Saints Days of San Wan (St. John) and San Pedro (St. Peter), Bonaireans go back to their roots, and this year was no exception. Residents and visitors were treated to several occasions of fire-jumping.  Along with this festivity, there is

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Enjoy Bonaire’s Culture, Food, and People on Dia di Rincon, April 30th, 2016

It’s never been said that Bonaire doesn’t know how to throw a party, and each year, on Dia di Rincon (Rincon Day), one of Bonaire’s largest single day parties takes place.  April 30th is the day to enjoy Bonaire’s history, culture, food, and people. Download this year’s event schedule

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Mangazina di Rei Re-Opens After Renovations, Launches New Culture Discovery Tours

Mangazina di Rei, an open-air museum located in one of Bonaire’s oldest structures, has recently re-opened after renovations, and they have announced a new schedule of activities and tours. Mangazina di Rei hosts Culture Discovery Tours are available Monday through Friday at either 9:00, 10:00, or 11:00 AM or

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