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Bonaire's Cadushy Distillery produces island liqueurs and fine spirits.

The Cadushy Distillery, where you can drink a cactus, in the heart of Rincon, Bonaire!

As you are driving north to SCUBA dive or visit Washington-Slagbaai National Park, there’s a very special place that you simply cannot miss, Bonaire’s Cadushy Distillery, found in the heart of the island’s oldest settlement, Rincon.  In this special enclave, you’ll find a unique experience when you enjoy sipping on a cactus, cactus liqueur that is!  Bonaire’s Cadushy Liqueur!

The Cadushy Distillery’s Visitor Center

The Visitor Center is open each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10:00 AM straight through until 5:00 PM.  There’s never any charge to visit, and those stopping by will enjoy a tour and be educated on the production process of all of Cadushy’s fine liqueurs and spirits–rum, vodka, tequila, and whiskey.  Sit and sip while you try each one, under the ancient trees in the garden.  Bonaire’s loras (parrots), prikichi (parakeets), and hummingbirds will join you, as the Cadushy garden is a great bird watching location for terrestrial birds.

The famous--or infamous--Cadushy Mojito!

Cadushy’s Island Liqueurs

Celebrating the diversity of islands in the Dutch Caribbean, Cadushy has blended some very smooth tastes reminiscent of each of the islands.

  • Aruba–Recognizing the island’s Indian heritage,
  • Bonaire–Cactus and lime have long been used in traditional Bonaire kitchens, so they are now melded together in this refreshing liqueur,
  • Curacao–Calbas and soursop unite for a distinctive taste sensation,
  • St. Eustatius (“Statia”)–Gold, representing its rich historical past as a major Caribbean trading center,
  • Saba–The island’s spices are legendary, and come together for a tantalizing tang,
  • St. Maarten–the Orange of Orange Liqueur with an herbal bite is perfect for special moments.

Cadushy’s Spirits

  • Rom Rincon is named after Cadushy’s first home, right in Rincon, Bonaire.
  • The award-winning Cadushy Vodka is made with Bonaire cactus!
  • Captain Don’s Whiskey, the first Caribbean whiskey!
  • Kaomati Tequila, made with Bonaire’s agave and aloe.

Not going north?  No problem.  Visit Cadushy in Kralendijk!

If you are not heading north, or perhaps you are only in port for a day, you can still enjoy the tastes of Bonaire’s Cadushy.  Just look for their Kralendijk store on Bonaire’s main shopping street, Kaya Grandi.


Nikki Patterson
20:04 15 Jun 18
A must see when you are in Bonaire. They are very knowledgeable about the distillery process that the Cadushy cactus produces into alcohol. You can try samples, purchase the spirits and love on King Timmy the cat. I can't wait to go back more
Suzanne Miladin
19:20 11 Jun 18
Wonderful spirits, wonderful ambiance! Going up to Rincon to visit the Cadushy Distillery is well worth the time. All of the liqueurs and the spirits made here are unique and delicious! My favorite was the Cadushy liqueur and the premium spiced rum. We enjoyed the tour and then we had drinks sitting in their beautiful garden and patio watching the Lora parrots and the Iguanas. One of the highlights of Bonaire!read more
Marc Ridders
17:51 01 Jun 18
Friendly people who explain how liquor is made from cactus. You can also taste the different products.
Adrián Peñaranda
19:41 09 Apr 18
Awesome place!!! Enniek is just beautiful.... With some more time in bonaire and I will marry her😅😍
Martin Sadowski
03:49 23 Mar 18
Nice and friendly staff. You can try everything before you buy or just sit in the nice garden with a drink and relax.
David Lesley
02:45 14 Mar 18
Great tour, excellent explanation, patient with my questions, then onto the free tastings. I bought Spices of Saba, my son bought the rum in mini btls. Support local industry and it tastes more
Sören Vogelsang
18:02 20 Feb 18
The Cadushi distillery is a very unique place on the island of Bonaire. even though the place is pretty small and the guided tour just takes 30 minutes, it still is a place that you should have seen when visiting Bonaire. the spirits that are produced here gathered a lot of attention around the globe. prize-winning whiskey ( the only whiskey of the Caribbean), rum and tequila. you can have a taste of every spirit you want to end because they are not exporting anything it is the only place to buy this unique stuff. just imagine your friends faces serving them the only whiskey of the more
Meralney B
13:43 17 Feb 18
Recommend to visit. Its Bonaire own cadushy drink. Try it
Kevin Maguire
20:26 28 Jan 18
What a great experience! The staff was incredibly friendly and knowledgeable. The tour was pretty quick, but very interesting and fun. Enjoyed sampling all the flavors and spirits. Had the best Rum and Coke, no surprise it is award winning!read more
Dustin Norlund
02:10 14 Jan 18
Great place and spirits. The whisky is something special.
Chadia Hammoud
22:17 15 Dec 17
Very friendly and welcoming. Great experience.
03:28 07 Dec 17
Who knew that fermented cactus would be so delicious!? The rum is outstanding and the people were friendly. It's hard not to buy some to take with you!read more
Ian Kaplan
19:00 03 Oct 17
The Cadushy Distillery is a small distillery that makes unique liqueurs, along with rum, vodka and whisky. Cadushy is located in the old town of Rincon, in the center of Bonaire. A nice way to visit is to go to Cadushy and then have lunch at Posada Para Mira, which is on a hill overlooking Rincon. I have never been a rum drinker, until I encountered the Cadushy reserve rum. This rum if spectacularly good. The Cadushy reserve rum is the smoothest 80 proof liqueur I have ever had. The rum is almost dangerous, since you have an ounce or two and then want another ounce or two. But don't believe me... I don't want you to buy up all their reserve rum. I'm down to half a bottle. Cadushy is only open Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Check their schedule in August/September, when they take several weeks off for more

Contact Information for the Cadushy Distillery

The Cadushy Distillery

Kaya Cornelis D.Crestiaan #8 and 10

Rincón, Caribbean Netherlands

+599 786-8769

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