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Great food at Sebastian's Restaurant, but exceptionally slow. After waiting 30 minutes for our snickers ice cream dessert they told us they were out of peanuts and have sent someone to buy some and would be at least 10 more minutes. we said forget the dessert and bring us the check. it still took 30 minutes. Again the food was great if you have the time. This was slow even for Bonaire time, over 3 hours?
Best tuna ever at Sebastian's Restaurant! We visited Bonaire 06/16 & I have to say that our visit To Sebastian's was one of the highlights. The tuna was some of the best I've ever had & was done to its rare perfection. Cut with a fork & melt in your mouth!!!! Of course, washed down with a Mojito or two. We're going back for 2 weeks for Christmas & it will definitely be one of the places to go. ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!!!!!

Fine dining at Sebastian's Restaurant!  I had two wonderful dinners recently at Sebastian's, one out on their private pier.  In my opinion Sebastian's is the place to go whenever visiting Bonaire.  The ambiance is lovely, the service impeccable and the food outstanding.  It is in my opinion, the best place to dine on the island and a spot that shouldn't be missed. There are many excellent restaurants now on Bonaire, but this one takes the cake.   I look forward to my return next year and more culinary surprises at this great restaurant.

Sebastian's Restaurant is the best all around!  I've eaten at Sebastian's maybe five times in the last three years and it's always been a unique experience. From the greetings that make you feel welcome to the creative menu and exceptional food to the natural ambiance of water and sky--there's nothing to match it on Bonaire.

Sebastian's Restaurant By the Beautiful Sea! You know the saying about saving the best for last?  Lorrie and I save Sebastian's Restaurant for the end of our trip because we love the food selections, service, scenery, Sebastian and the friends that join us for our farewell dinner.  The restaurant offers a local menu with several nightly specials.  Sebastian quite occasionally will leave his busy kitchen to check on his patrons and personally ask if all went well and if the meal was enjoyable.  Reservations are generally not needed but if the private table at the end of the pier is in your plans you had better call well in advance.  There is only the one table and availability is limited.  Dining there is a very pleasurable experience!!!

Sebastian's Restaurant is an Epicureans Delight!  You have to try this seaside gourmet restaurant. The chef is known for combining foods and spices you will not taste elsewhere.

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