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Can't get this back at home!  I had an amazing French Connection burger and fries today at King Kong! The meat was high-quality and cooked to perfection. The flavor combination was a real treat. The bun was even soft, grilled inside, and obviously fresh—the day after Christmas! Also, the fries were hot and delightfully crisp, but soft inside. A burger and fries aren’t usually worth the time to review, but I want to tell more people about this tasty lunch option. We don’t have burgers like this back home!
Best experience on Bonaire at King Kong Burgers & Hotdogs! Quality burgers! I was one of their first customers and now almost 2 years later they are still the best on Bonaire!
King Kong Burger Food Truck. Find it on Bachelors Beach. Tuesday through Sat...I think. We have returned to these freshly made, gourmet burgers several times. The meat is fresh and tasty. Prepared when ordered and seasoned to perfection. Several special recipes to choose from. Our favorite is the French unique and tasty, paired with mosquito fries. You will enjoy the friendly owners and it will soon become a favorite of yours on Bonaire.
Awesome burgers and fries at King Kong Burgers & Hotdogs!  I would eat these burgers 7 days a week if I could, but my wetsuit would not fit after awhile. They are wonderful and the area the truck is at couldn't be better. Great job to the owner. Will be back next visit to the island.
Hot Spot King Kong!   Bachelor Beach is er een stuk leuker en lekkerder op geworden. King Kong levert uitstekende kwaliteit. Verrassende smaken!
King Kong Burgers & Hotdogs
Gourmet burgers at King Kong Mobile Food Truck! Very convenient at bachelor's beach. Great burger! Next time I will go for the Junk Yard Dog.

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