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Bobbejan's is our first dinner upon arrival!  Upon arriving on Bonaire after food shopping my first dinner is always at Bobbejans. They have the best chicken Sate and ribs. Known as the best take out restaurant and they developed an outdoor dining area. Only opened Friday's, Sat and Sunday's but well worth the wait and I always order enough dinners for extra nights.

Best Fries On Bonaire! I have been enjoying Bobbejan's weekend BBQ since 2001. Maggie and Robert run a tasty restaurant. My daughter loves the rib dinner. I enjoy the fish when it's fresh. Their side cole slaw is garlicky and tasty. The reason I go so often is their french fries. They are the best on island. They are crispy and salty and best enjoyed right away. Dine in or walk with your treats and eat seaside. Good news, Bobbejan's has gone styrofoam free, yet another reason to enjoy.

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