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BonReviews™–Restaurants–Blue Garden Brazilian Grill and Pizza Gourmet



Pizza needs work at Blue Garden Brazilian Grill & Pizza Gourmet.

  • The mojitos are great
  • Service started off OK, then once I got my food, I never saw the server again, so never got any more water.
  • The pizza needs work. The crust is about 2mm thick & is heavy & still not totally cooked. It seemed as though they took an actual pie crust & rolled it out & flattened it to death & then formed it into a pizza crust. They served fried, slightly fluffy pita crisps for an appetizer– they’d have done better to make the pizzas on pitas, like a flatbread pizza. The amount of toppings on the pizza was excessive, especially for such a thin crust. I don’t expect award-winning pizza, but better crust & moderation in toppings would be great. If this is the sort of pizza you’re used to, then enjoy. Otherwise, skip it.

Not a Typical Pizza!

I’m a pepperoni and sausage pizza guy so I was skeptical when I saw pizza topped with shrimp on the menu.  I tried it, I loved it, and I’ll go back to Blue Garden Brazilian Grill & Pizza Gourmet for more the next time we are on the island.  They offer some other unusual pizza toppings which I’m sure are very good also.  The people are friendly and very attentive.  Good location near downtown.

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