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Between Two Buns, Love this place! When we two Canadians visit Bonaire, we plan on almost daily visits to “Between Two Buns.” The sandwiches and salads are terrific and the staff very friendly! Sure fills the bill after a morning of snorkeling!


Good food at Between Two Buns.  As an owner at Sanddollar, this is one great restaurant for breakfast and lunch. Very friendly owner and staff. I think that I order the same thing every time, great looking deserts and salads.


Best Lunch Spot!  I am a tuna sandwich aficionado. I have sampled tuna sandwiches across Bonaire. Between Two Buns serves the best by far. I love their multi-grain bread with seeds and goodness. The salad itself is chock full of flavor. They put salty briny capers in their salad adding an extra flavor blast.  Wow, so good.

My boyfriend loves their specialty coffees. We love the atmosphere. The servers are top notch and the setting is laid back and comforting.

There is seating inside or out. Parking is available in front or to the south of the building.


Great breakfast and lunch at Between Two Buns!

Nice salads and sandwiches. Don’t forget to try the home made pies!

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