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Bonefishing on Bonaire

Bonefishing images courtesy of
Piscatur Fishing Charters

Bonaire offers one of the best bonefishing locations in the world! In fact, many of Bonaire’s fishing visitors have been coming back for over thirty years, just to bonefish here on Bonaire.

Bonefishing is done under the auspices of a local guide, as the areas where bonefishing takes place are on private property, within the marine park, and has bird nesting areas and the flamingo sanctuary closeby. Trespassing can result in a fine.

Local guide and charter captain Chris Morkos from Piscatur Fishing Charters has been guiding for almost 40 years now and also has a 42-foot boat for deep-sea and light tackle fishing. He knows all the areas where one can fish, but Chris is always respectful of local laws and regulations.  Visitors should be aware that all bonefishing is catch and release.

For those always looking for something new and different to try on the next Bonaire vacation, bonefishing should be a must on the “to do” list, a highly recommended and fun excursion.

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