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Cadushy Distillery celebrates its tenth anniversary with a festive event marking the occasion.

Last Thursday, August 22nd, 2019, the Cadushy Distillery on Bonaire celebrated its tenth anniversary with a festive event at their headquarters in Rincon. It was a gala party with lots of great drinks (it’s Cadushy, of course!), great food (Bonaire’s winning Culinary Team provided the finger-food), and great music by TAFKAH and DJ Shrek and DJ Ferry Maat.  What an evening!

Managing Director and owner, Eric Gietman, took a little trip down memory lane…12 years ago it all started with a dream. Now, 10 years later, he is proud of what he and his wife have accomplished, a thriving business with a fantastic team.

“We had a dream and we had a plan, and those became a mission–a mission to build our business, to put Rincon on the tourism map, and to contribute to Bonaire.”

— Eric Gietman

Cadushy’s past.

It all started 22 years ago, in 1997, when Eric and his wife, Jolanda, first arrived on Bonaire.  Long-time visitors to Bonaire will remember the 20-minute ALM flights which brought visitors from Curacao to Bonaire.  On the short flight, the crew managed to serve a drink and a pastechi, but you had to consume them quickly, as you would be landing!  The Gietman’s simply fell in love with Bonaire, and as they toured around, they fell in love with Rincon.  And so the plans began.

in was in 2009 that Cadushy was officially opened when the first bottle of the now-famous green cactus liqueur was presented to then-Lt. Governor, Glenn Thode.  And the ten years since that time?  Well, according to Eric, they have passed in a blink of an eye.

One notable highlight was in 2017 when Cadushy Distillery’s Rom Rincon won the trophy for the best rum-coke at the International Wine & Spirits Competition in London.  Way to go, Cadushy!  Rom Rincon makes the world’s best rum-coke!

Cadushy’s present.

Ten years ago, a cadushy was a cactus.  It was something that was eaten.  Now, ten years later, a Cadushy is a drink, Cadushy is a tourist attraction, and Cadushy is a strong Bonaire brand.

The famous Cadushy signposts at their Rincon headquarters.

Triple B Beer.

For the beer lovers in the group, Eric invited everyone to taste-test Cadushy’s new cactus beer, currently under development. Tasters could cast their vote, yea or nay, for the beer, by putting their bottle in one of two receptacles–one with a Thumbs Up and one with Thumbs Down.  It seems the Thumbs Up was a bit more full!

If the beer is continued with development, plans call for the Belgian brewer, currently making Triple B Beer, to come to Bonaire and install a new beer brewery right in the Cadushy headquarters.  A beer from Bonaire for Bonaire!  Stay tuned for more details as they become available.

Cadushy’s future.

So what’s ahead for the Cadushy Distillery?  Plenty.  As usual, Eric has many ideas, and one of these is the new “Barrel” program.  Since the launch of Cadushy’s fine spirits several years ago, some have asked Eric for an investment program.  That is now a reality!  Those interested can now invest in a share (10%) or a full barrel of the aged spirits.  In three years, investors can either enjoy their own aged spirit, or they can allow Cadushy to sell it on their behalf and then enjoy the profit.  Eric says investors will be Cadushy Ambassadors, and in three years will enjoy a return on their investment.

Cadushy is launching a fine spirits investment program.

Book launch of “The Ghost of Washikemba & Other Stories.”

After three storybooks written in Dutch, writer Jannet Butter released her first English storybook about Bonaire: “The Ghost of Washikemba & Other Stories” about Bonaire.  Jannet regaled those attending with funny stories of how to get the English just right, when working from Dutch.  And, she not only had to check to be sure the American English was correct, but then also ensure the British English was correct.

Jannet Butter presents the first copy of her new book to Eric Geitman.

During the event, Jannet expressed her wish to see the book’s first copy go to someone who had helped Bonaire’s tourism, and so she proudly presented the first copy to Eric of Cadushy. Look for this new book, which tells the story of a not-often told ghost–the ghost of Washikemba, at bookstores on Bonaire.

The Spirit of  Bonaire.

And before the evening’s presentations were complete, Eric asked TAFKAH to perform his noted charity single, The Spirit of Bonaire.  This song premiered just one year ago, and hit the top of all the local charts!  If you haven’t yet gotten the single, be sure to purchase and download it.  It’s a catchy salsa tune which will remind you of Bonaire and keep your toes tapping.  Best of all, all proceeds from the sale of the song go directly to Bonaire’s youth via the Bonaire Youth Outreach Foundation.

Enjoy TAFKAH’s performance of “The Spirit of Bonaire!”

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(Source:  Bonaire Insider Reporter)

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