Bonaire’s Annual Sailing Regatta

Bonaire’s Sailing Regatta

regatta2016For almost 50 years, Bonaire has continued to celebrate its sailing tradition by hosting the International Sailing Regatta, held each year in October. Sailors in all classes come to the island to race each other in various venues with even a category for 5- to 10-year old sailors. This age bracket competes in small craft and windsurfing events.

Festivities include parties, music, eating, and drinking.

There are parties, races and dancing, as well as music, food, and drink. The entire island takes on a festive atmosphere and visitors from all over the world are welcome to participate as crew or spectators.  It’s a wonderful way to spend a day, or two, or three, on the beach with family and friends.

The event venue.

Bonaire Regatta 2016 Site Map

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The event has gone back to its original roots–that is, the festivities will take place at Coco Beach, formerly known as Sunset Beach.  Sailing races will take place from the area in front of Coco Beach, providing onlookers with a great atmosphere in which to spend the day enjoying the event.  All day long there will be live music and entertainment from local and international artists, and a food court, a kids playground, sports and games.

The sailing races.


The sailing races are held in between the main island and Klein Bonaire or on the north side of Klein Bonaire. For most of the sea-going sailing yachts, there will be two shorter courses in the morning and a longer race in the afternoon. For small categories like the Optimist and Sunfish, there will be races in between the islands.

View the 2016 Regatta Schedule of Races (in PDF format).


View the 2016 Regatta Festival Schedule (in PDF format).