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It is with great sadness that we report the passing of another Bonaire diving pioneer, Ebo Domacasse, who passed away last evening.

Ebo was a member of the elite group of locals who originally worked within the fledgling dive industry on Bonaire, and many old-timers to the island will remember him well.  Ebo was a favorite dive guide,  working side-by-side with Bas Marin, and, of course, Captain Don, who was operating the first Aquaventure dive shop back in 1973.  Diving was in its infancy back then, and these gentlemen brought it the forefront of Bonaire’s tourism.

As thanks for his many efforts, two dive sites were named after Ebo, and many divers for years have enjoyed Ebo’s Reef and Ebo’s Special/Jerry’s Jam, both located on Klein Bonaire.

One of Ebo’s sons, Herbert, grew up to become one of Bonaire’s Lt. Governors, while another son, Jopie, followed in his footsteps, working within the island’s dive industry for many years.

The Bonaire Insider sends its condolences to the entire Domacasse family.  (Source:  Bonaire Insider Reporter)



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