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Dining review of Sebastian’s first Italian Family Sunday Dinner.

Last week, the Bonaire Insider shared the announcement of Sebastian’s Restaurant new Sunday open hours and special Italian menu, featuring pasta and pizza.  This reporter immediately made a reservation to try out the new fare, and it was certainly a good thing, because the restaurant was packed!

The new Italian Family Sunday Dinner is a bit of a departure from the restaurant’s normal fine dining menu available Monday through Saturday. The restaurant was a bit more boisterous, as everyone at tables and at the bar were munching on their chosen Italian meal and just having a great time.

The special menu features pizzas and pastas.

The menu features a variety of pastas or pizzas, any one only $16.00. There are add-ons for appetizers and desserts, as well as special pricing on Italian wines.

My dining companion and I started with two appetizers, which we each shared to get a taste. The Caprese salad was traditional Italian with fresh mozzarella, tomato and basil.  The octopus carpaccio is always a favorite, and it’s served with just a tad of heat.

We had ordered two pizzas, as we thought they would be the smaller, personal sized pizzas. We were wrong!  When the pizzas arrived, they dominated our table and we looked at each other with wide-open eyes!  There was no way we could eat them both!  But we sure had fun trying!

Great flavors are presented with garlic/shrimp and blue cheese/salmon.

Starting with the garlic shrimp pizza, we devoured it. The dough is hand-made by Sebastian and Janos, and is thin, crispy, and light. The shrimp pizza made for a delightful meal (my favorite) and it was soon gone. We turned our attention to the salmon-gorgonzola pizza.

Heart-shaped, this pizza was a bit heavier because of the gorgonzola blue cheese. Cheese lovers will revel in all that cheese, and my dining companion stated it was definitely his favorite of the two!

As much as we tried, we just couldn’t consume both pizzas, so we went home with a carry-out box for our left-over salmon-gorgonzola pizza. My dining companion had plenty for lunch the next day!

Traditional Italian desserts.

We specifically left room to try out some of the desserts. Sebastian’s tiramisu is legendary, and always a favorite, but we wanted to try out the new desserts on the Italian menu–profiteroles and semifreddo lime.

The semifreddo lime is a half-frozen dessert, with a consistency somewhere between a mousse and ice cream. With the lime flavoring it was extremely light, and really worked well to cleanse the palette–just in time to savor the profiteroles!

Four profiteroles were served, so we each could enjoy two. Covered with a chocolate ganache, they were the perfect sweet ending to another great meal.

Pick up a pizza and head to one of Bonaire’s beaches.

As we were leaving, we noticed that there was a very brisk take-out trade going on, Sebastian was working that pizza peel and quickly loading the pizzas in boxes stacked four-high, for those who were doing take-away. What a great idea for Sunday dinner–pick up a pizza, and take it to the beach for sunset.  I’m sure going to do that this Sunday! I think Sebastian’s Hawaiian pizza sounds just about right for a beach sunset!

Pizzas are available for take-out by telephoning +599 717-1697.

(Source:  Bonaire Insider Reporter)






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