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bluegarden_meatI recently had the opportunity to try out the newly opened Blue Garden Brazilian Grill & Pizza Gourmet.  This new Bonaire eatery opened on the site of the previous Casablanca Restaurant, on Kaya Julia A. Abraham Boulevard #6.

I have to say that this new restaurant–in one visit–made it to my Favorites list.  The renovated restaurant has a cool and refreshing blue look to it, the staff were attentive and pleasant, and the food was simply excellent!

Blue Garden specializes in gourmet pizza, creating 17 specialty pizzas that you probably won’t find anywhere else on Bonaire.  I personally enjoyed the Blue Garden special, with mozzarella, sun dried tomatoes, arugula, fresh mushroom, capers, green olives, bacon, and buffalo mozzarella.

Four Cheese Pizza

Four Cheese Pizza

Others in our party enjoyed the Four Cheese Pizza, with mozzarella, Italian Gran Padano parmesan, gorgonzola, and Requeija gourmet Brazilian cheese, served with black olives.  And yet we had another pizza to try out, the Spectacular Shrimp Pizza, served with flambéed tiger shrimp, mozzarella, Requeija gourmet Brazilian cheese, crispy fried garlic, parsley, and green olives.

Are your mouths watering yet?  With only three taste-tested, I have only 14 more to try!

For those wishing a lighter fare, there is a veggie pizza, as well as a fresh tuna pizza, and those who wish to eat green can enjoy either a Salad Navegantes, made with tiger shrimp and mussels, croutons, and slices of Gran Padano parmesan cheese, or the Salad Primadonna with lettuce, croutons, Gran Padano parmesan cheese, and served with the house’s specially prepared sauce.

Spectacular Shrimp Pizza

Spectacular Shrimp Pizza

But what about the carnivores?  Meat lovers will not have a problem with finding something as well. The grill offers three choices of fine Brazilian meats:  Picanha Brasileira Combo, a prime cut of the top sirloin, sliced and lightly seasoned.  This is served with a small grill on your table so that you may cook the meat to your own preference.  And for those who cannot choose just one meat, there’s the Mix Grill Combo with Picanha, Sausage, Chicken and Brazilian Cheese Bread and yucca, or the Carré Combo, a New Zealand Rack of Lamb (12 oz/350 grams), also served with Brazilian Cheese Bread and yucca.


Banana Dessert Pizza with Ice Cream

Although all of my dining companions and I tried to say no to dessert, as we were just too full, our hostess wouldn’t hear of it.  She informed us that we simply could not leave without sampling one of her dessert pizzas, so she made a small personal-sized Banana Pizza with ice cream for the four of us to taste and share.  I have to say it was sublime.  The mix of the mozzarella with the sweetness of caramel and the bananas made the dessert almost savory, and I will have to return to try out (just a bite!) the Choco Noir Pizza Mango or the Choco Noir Pizza Cherry.

All in all, Bonaire has a wonderful new restaurant to enjoy!

(Source:  Bonaire Insider Reporter)


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