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Phase 3 COVID-19 measures now in place on Bonaire.

Phase 3 COVID-19 measures now apply from today through Thursday, February 18, 2021, as the number of COVID-19 cases on Bonaire continue to decline, Lieutenant Governor Edison Rijna announced.

Phase 3 COVID-19 Measures:


Catering establishments and casinos.

Starting today, catering establishments may remain open until midnight.  Casinos may remain open until 02:00 AM, but the catering section must close at midnight. The rules of a maximum of 50% capacity and fixed seating areas remain in effect.

Professionally organized events.

At professionally organized events, 50% of the capacity may be used with a maximum of 50 participants. Visitors must register, it is not allowed to sing or dance.

Contact professions.

People with a contact profession must wear a mouth mask during work.

Churches and religious services.

In the churches, churchgoers are allowed to sing modestly, but the windows of the church must be open.


In practice, it appears that workplaces are one of the riskiest places where people can become infected with the virus. That is why the advice is still to work from home or to arrange the workplace in such a way that the employees work at a safe distance from each other.

Indoor sports.

50% of the capacity may be used for indoor sports, the public is not allowed. Those present must register, do a health check and go home immediately afterward.

Outdoor sports.

Outdoor sports activities are allowed, 100% of the capacity may be used. The condition is that adults keep a distance of 1.5 meters from each other. For the rest, the same rules apply to outdoor sports as indoor sports. It is possible to hold competitions again, but without an audience.

Phase 3 COVID-19 measures on Bonaire.

No PCR test after one overnight stay in Curaçao.

Due to the stable low number of infections on Curaçao, the conditions are somewhat relaxed for traveling from that island to Bonaire. Passengers from Bonaire who go to Curaçao for a short period and have a maximum of one overnight stay there, do not have to take a PCR test when they return. This also applies to travelers who come to Bonaire from Curaçao for a maximum of 1 night.

They also do not have to show a PCR result upon arrival. They still have to fill in the health declaration from the Public Health department. All travelers who wish to make use of this scheme must present a return ticket for the same day or the next day upon arrival in Bonaire.

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