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Bonaire downgrades risk level measures but keeps certain protocols in place.

In a press conference yesterday afternoon, Lt. Governor Edison Rijna announced that beginning today, Bonaire downgrades risk level to Phase 5 with the caveat that certain protocols remain in place.

Summary of changes in downgrading risk level to Phase 5.

The main changes are:

  • Private homes may now welcome one person from outside their household,
  • Non-essential companies are still required to be closed to the public, but can now offer delivery,
  • Restaurants are now allowed to deliver food and carry-out can now take place at the restaurant’s facilities (curb-side, in-car service is no longer required) until 8:00 PM,
  • Schools and day-care facilities are now open again without restrictions,
  • Outdoor sports are now possible once again.

Curfew and alcohol prohibitions remain in place.

Other requirements of the prior Phase 6 lockdown do remain in place, even though Bonaire has downgraded its risk level to Phase 5.

  • The curfew remains in place from 9:00 PM through 4:00 AM.  Only those with an authorized need to be on the streets are allowed with the proper approvals.  All others will receive a fine for violating the curfew.
  • The selling and/or drinking of alcohol in public places is still prohibited at this time.

Phase 5 Risk Level Measures plus the curfew and alcohol prohibition remain in place through at least April 29, 2021.

Changes in the vaccination program on Bonaire.

Lieutenant Governor Rijna announced some major changes in the vaccination program on Bonaire.  These include:

  • It is now possible to vaccinate up to 1000 persons per day.  Companies, organizations, or associations can now request to be vaccinated as a group (appointment only).
  • The locations where one can receive their vaccinations have also been expanded.  Mondays through Saturdays, vaccinations are available with an appointment from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM in the sports hall, located on Kaya Amsterdam.  Additionally, those needing their first injection can also take advantage of expanded hours from 6:30 to 7:30 PM at this location, without a prior appointment.  Those requiring their second injection should continue with their appointments.
  • For those who have not yet registered and require their first injection, availability has been opened on Sundays from 9:00 AM through 3:30 PM at the Kaya Amsterdam location.  No prior appointment is needed on Sundays.
  • Starting today, an additional vaccination site has been created at Fundashon Forma, near the hospital.  This facility will be open from 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM for those who do not have appointments.
  • On Wednesdays, it is still possible to be vaccinated in Rincon.  This can be done without a prior appointment for those who require their first injection, and an appointment will be provided for the second injection.
  • More information will be forthcoming shortly about additional venues in the various neighborhoods.

The goal of Bonaire’s vaccine program is to have 85% of the population vaccinated with both injections within the next two weeks.  Only then will the population be protected enough to ease measures and open up the island to a more normal lifestyle.

Bonaire's Phase 5 Risk Level Measures
Allowed Sports in Phase 5 Risk Level
Travel to Bonaire

List of essential stores and vital functions and services.

I. Care, including informal care, purchase, and transport of medicines and medical tools;

II. Funeral homes and crematoriums;

III. Police, Coastguard, other services responsible for maintaining public order and Investigation and Police Doctor;

IV. Defense and Royal Netherlands Marechaussee;

V. Public Prosecution Service;

VI. Customs;

VII. Critical positions at Rijksdienst Caribisch Nederland;

VIII. Critical functions at the Public Entity of Bonaire;

IX. Legal system, including lawyers and civil-law notaries;

X. Teachers, insofar as they provide digital education and/or care for parents of vital take care of professions;

XI. Critical functions in the representation of third countries Bonaire (Consuls);

XII. Prison and other correctional institutions;

XIII. Private security and surveillance companies;

XIV. Airport, air traffic control, and air traffic safety;

XV. Meteorological service;

XVI. Ports, pilot services, port security inspection, and port state control;

XVII. Public transport;

XVIII. Food chain (broad) concerns supermarkets, mini markets, tokos, bread bakeries, wholesale and import, food transport, local production, processing and delivery, food banks, animal nutrition;

XIX. Production, storage, transport, and distribution of fuels (refined products);

XX. Production and distribution of water and electricity;

XXI. Production and supply of products for cleaning and disinfection, inclusive laundries;

XXII. Financial services, including insurance companies and credit institutions;

XXIII. Transportation of waste and refuse, including the landfill;

XXIV. Sale and transport of building materials;

XXV. Construction work, repair work, maintenance, and work on the infrastructure;

XXVI. Media and telecommunications;

XXVII. Internet and data services;

XXVIII. Postal services;

XXIX. Hotels

XXX. Continuity of emergency services:

a. Control room processes;

b. Firefighting;

c. Ambulance care;

d. Crisis management and disaster relief.

For additional information about Phase 5 Risk Level measures on Bonaire, visit the official crisis management website of the island government.

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