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In a press statement last evening, Bonaire’s Lt. Governor, Edison Rijna, provided additional information about Bonaire Corona measures, travel to Aruba, and clarity on the double testing protocol including antigen testing from high-risk countries.

Corona measures are valid for another week.

The corona measures will remain valid for at least another week. Lt. Governor Rijna stated, “On the one hand, infections are still falling. You would then think that the measures could become more flexible. But on the other hand, the number of infections is still high for Bonaire, and three people have been hospitalized. The pressure on healthcare is great. That is why I have decided that the measures will remain the same for the time being. If the number of infections continues to fall this week and next, we may be able to make the measures more flexible. But we still have to wait and see.”

Bonaire corona measures--January 28, 2021

Only travel to Aruba for urgent matters.

Rijna also stated that he is closely following the situation in Aruba. He further stated, “As is known, there are five cases of the modified British coronavirus in Aruba. After consultation with Public Health, it was decided to advise travelers to only travel to Aruba for urgent matters. We do not know how the situation will develop on the sister island. That’s why we have to be careful.”

Clarity on Double-Testing Protocol, with antigen test needed for travelers from high-risk countries.

The Public Body Bonaire has received many questions about the antigen test in recent days. The antigen test is a quick test. It shows whether virus proteins are in the mucus in someone’s nose or throat. The antigen test must be taken four hours before departure. This rapid test, the PCR test, and the Public Health Statement are now mandatory for travelers from high-risk countries.

The high-risk countries include the United States, Canada, the Dominican Republic, and all passengers from South America. Travelers from the Netherlands who come to Bonaire will probably be obliged to take the PCR test and the antigen test before departure from February 10, 2021. They must also complete the health statement prior to departure.

Mandatory Health Declaration

Travelers to Bonaire are required to complete an online health declaration, preferably 48 hours before departure. Upon arrival, you must be able to show the form (printed or a digital copy on your phone) to a Public Health employee if asked.

Download the health statement:



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