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The Cadushy Distillery

Bonaire’s Cadushy Distillery in Rincon offers a unique opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes overview of how the island’s liqueurs are made, using local ingredients–cactus and lime! But as interesting as that is, visiting Cadushy in Rincon is just a pleasant way to spend a few hours. You’ll be nestled within the confines of Cadushy’s garden, with mature trees, and flocks of parrots and parakeets who visit all day long. Sit quietly, and you’ll most likely see both of Bonaire’s hummingbirds! Cadushy is one of the best spots in Rincon for birdwatching! Adjoining the garden is the historic building of (previously) Rincon’s cinema, now home to the Bonaire Heritage Foundation, where one can view images of a Bonaire gone by! But of course, the best part is tasting! Try out any of Cadushy’s specially blended liqueurs or enjoy their award-winning fine spirits!

The famous--or infamous--Cadushy Mojito!

Bara di Karta Trails

To enrich the experience of any Bonaire visit, be sure to visit the “real” Bonaire, by exploring the area of Bara di Karta, using the driving, cycling, or hiking trails.


Rincon Valley Trails

Many visitors to Bonaire are familiar with the many attractions that the northern half of the island brings, but the driving, hiking, and biking Trails of the Valley of Rincon help to highlight this special area.  Take some time on your next visit and see a new side of the island!

Visit the Goat Farm Where Bonaire’s Local Cheese is Made

A visit to Aletta’s Semper Kontentu (which means Always Content) Goat Farm is a must to see the artisan way of making goat cheese–milking one goat at a time! Not only is the visit educational, but spending some time in Bonaire’s fabulous kunuku nature is a great way to unwind and relax. One can’t help smiling back at the goats!

Aletta's Semper Kontentu Goat Farm tours are a great family fun activity.

Flightsee Bonaire

Or, get a totally different view of the island with a bird’s eye view of the entire island.  BonAeroClub offers “flightseeing” tours.


Assist with Turtle Nest Monitoring

Always a favorite, from May through October, join the sea turtle experts at STCB (Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire), as they walk the beaches of Klein Bonaire doing sea turtle nest monitoring.  You’ll be looking for signs of recent nests made by female sea turtles, as well as looking for the little ones once they hatch and are on their way to the sea.

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