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Friendly sea turtles are commonly encountered on Bonaire's reefs.

Underwater Bonaire Video Gallery

Many film companies come to shoot footage on Bonaire’s reefs, as they are one of the healthiest of reefs in the Caribbean.  Dakin Productions is one of these companies, and they have kindly shared their fabulous videos with InfoBonaire.  We hope you enjoy watching these beautiful videos of Bonaire’s marine environment.

Creature Features:

The Caribbean Two-spot Octopus, Octopus filosus, is an absolute master of disguise and one of the most intelligent known invertebrates. Individuals can completely change their color using specialized color cells. In doing so, they often perfectly blend with their surroundings.


The Southern Stingray is the metal detector of the Caribbean. Since their eyes are on top of their bodies, they depend on electro-receptors and keen senses of smell and touch to find food. If they find a clam, the rays’ stubby teeth are strong enough to easily crush the shells.


They look like a cross between a caterpillar and a tricked-out centipede. They crawl about with considerable agility, they are voracious carnivorous feeders, and they certainly know how to defend themselves. Meet the Bearded Fireworm.


Scorpionfish are generally solitary in nature, except during courting as seen here. Using a behavior called “flashing,” Scorpionfish have the ability to display their warning colors when needed.


The Cleaner Shrimp is the shoe shiner of the Caribbean. As opposed to many other species, these shrimp do not go in search of a meal, the shrimp sways its body and shakes its antennae to attract fish, from which it is able to collect a meal of dead tissue, algae, and parasites. It’s one of natures more perfect symbiotic relationships.


How can a fish gone so horribly wrong do so remarkably well? The Peacock Flounder is one of those fish who finally proves that good looks is totally optional.


The Trumpetfish is the true master-hunter on the coral reef. Yes, this fish looks rather benign and yes it is a relative of the passive sea horses, but it is truly a fish-killing machine!

All videos on this page are copyrighted and used on InfoBonaire with permission. Copyright © 2015-2017, Dakin Productions, all rights reserved.

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